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Priyanka slams Katrina as a prop

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Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra doesn't like her position in Bollywood to be challenged. And especially if it's done by a wooden actress like Katrina Kaif! Priyanka Chopra has fearlessly stated, "I love to do films that have me in important roles and not where I am used just as a prop. I don't see any reason to do films where I have 4-5 songs and 15-20 scenes just because they are touted to be commercial successes. What is the point of acting in such films and giving seven back-to-back hits? That doesn't make you grow as an actress!"

That's not all. She's also reportedly added, "I may have delivered a few flops but even those had me playing important roles. I have not and will never act in films where my role is inconsequential and that my only job in those films is to look pretty." Now that's really a blatant attack on Katrina who has delivered 7 back-to-back hits where the hero had everything to do and her presence was unimportant. Wonder what woody Katrina's reaction to this will be! Or will she run to good old Sallu bhai for help and ask him to verbally bash up Priyanka on her behalf!

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