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Shilpa Shetty bitten by a dog

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Shilpa Shetty
Miseries come in droves and never alone. Shilpa Shetty realised this recently. Says the actress, "These have been the worst four days of my life! I was in Dubai when I suffered congestion and was down with a bad bout of cough and cold. What's worse was that after I went to Tirupati last week and stayed over at a friend's place, I was bitten by her dog!"

Adds Shilpa "Fortunately, because it was a domestic animal, my doctor advised me against taking anti-rabies injections. Instead, I took antibiotics. The dog bite wasn't so bad. His nails had scratched my leg and that had swollen up. It wasn't an unfriendly dog, but I later heard that it was going through some hormonal changes."

Shilpa says her taking a double antibiotic dose one, for the dog bites and another for the chest congestion proved to be serious for her. "The strong antibiotics ruined my stomach lining and made me so weak that I had to be carried in a wheelchair from the airport on Wednesday evening when I returned from Dubai. Now I am having antacids. It was so embarrassing to be wheeled in.

Shilpa says that for the last few days she has been only on curd rice to soothe her stomach. "Last week, I've hardly been eating. I've been so sick that when I eat I feel like throwing up. If I don't recover soon my doctors say I might have to get an endoscopy done. I shed 2 kgs in the process."

Shilpa adds that things got so bad that she couldn't celebrate her birthday in Dubai. "But I just didn't care. I felt as if I was dying. I am happy that my family was there with me on my birthday."

Shilpa has acquired a new office for her production house on Andheri Link Road. Says a source close to her, "It's in a swanky building on the ground floor and first floor. Her mom, Sunanda and Shilpa along with interior designer Pritesh, has done up the office. It's a 2BHK space, very soothing and tranquil with a lot of Ganeshas figurines which her mom sourced out and Feng shui stuff like bamboo shoots and fountains. The flat has good energy and that's why Shilpa took the place. She plans to produce two films in a year."

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