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Liv Tyler worries about her size

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Liv Tyler spent her entire life worrying about her weight until she became a mother. The beautiful actress admits she was body conscious and constantly on a diet but everything changed after she gave birth to baby son Milo, now two. The Lord of the Rings actress told Glamour magazine: "I've been a model and actress since I was 14 so I've been on a diet my whole life. But once I gave birth, I didn't want to think about myself or feel insecure about my career, I wanted to think about my child. So I stopped worrying about diets."

Liv, now 29, has also revealed she felt more confident after getting pregnant and successfully delivering Milo.She added: "I really felt I'd done something well, and I can't say that about anything else in my life." Despite ridding herself of her weight obsession, Liv - who is married to Royston Langdon, 34 - had to lose 10 pounds for her role in new movie 'The Strangers', set in South Carolina. Liv said: "Filming was incredibly intense. We were supposed to be out of breath in every scene so I would run around the stage to achieve that. The weight just fell off me. I just went to Marc Jacobs and I bought a red dress in a size 4 (UK size 8). I've never been a size 4 in my entire life!" It's strange though because I've been eating like a pig! I think it's because I hired a chef on the set of 'Strangers' to cook for me. I ate a lot of vegetables and protein."

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