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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Kylie Minogue's sex secrets are being sold on the internet. Kylie, who dated the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence in the 90s, was left devastated after discovering Michael's brother Rhett is selling a sexy fax sent to her in 1990. Rhett boasted on auction website eBay: "This is a fax Michael wrote and sent to Kylie on September 19, 1990. I have a similar, yet raunchier one I'll keep, yet this real slice of history could be yours." The fax reveals steamy details about Kylie and Michael's white-hot sex life. The pair are said to have kept their relationship alive with racy faxes and phone calls when they were apart. Michael's mother Patricia Glassop is horrified by Rhett's behaviour and has disowned him for trying to cash in on his brother's death. She fumed: "I hope Kylie finds out and addresses the issue herself, because that fax is no-one else's business."

Other items on sale include handwritten lyrics to INXS hit 'Listen Like Thieves' and a pair of Michael's glasses. Rhett even cruelly offers his mother a discounted price. He said: "The frames are French and the glass is pretty thick, unlike the previous owner. I do not think his daughter Tiger would have much use for these, and I feel icky about dead people's glasses. Mum, you can have a 20 per cent discount." The INXS singer was found dead aged 37, naked and hanging from a door in a Sydney hotel room in 1997. It is widely believed he died after a sex act known as autoerotic asphyxiation - strangling yourself while masturbating - went wrong.

Meanwhile Sting "begs" wife Trudie Styler for tantric sex. The Police singer insists his marathon, mystical sex sessions are not as intense as reports have suggested, and claims most of the time is spent cajoling, eating and watching a film. Sting said in an interview: "Yes, you can have sex for six hours but it includes dinner, a movie and maybe a lot of begging! Tantra is a well-documented science, it's not just about sex. It's a devotional exercise to express adoration. Sex is a sacred act and incredible fun." Meanwhile, The Police drummer Stewart Copeland has admitted Sting is the leader of the newly reformed band. Stewart said: "We are all alpha males, and in the context of The Police, Sting is our top dog.

He added, "When I was younger I had a problem with that. Now I'm older and wiser. He owes me not another calorie of effort. The account is clean. Within the band, I'll just play my drums." Stewart also confessed he did break Sting's ribs during a fight, but says he would be too scared to tackle him now. He admitted: "It's true I broke Sting's ribs. We were joshing around and there was a cracking sound. That wouldn't happen now. He would kick my a**e. He runs 20 miles a day and works out."

Carmen Electra keeps in shape by having sex and lapdancing. The former 'Baywatch' star - who plays a porn actress in new British film 'I Want Candy' - credits her incredible body to yoga, sex and stripteases. Carmen said in an interview with Britain's FHM magazine: "I do a lot of yoga and aerobics. Plus, you can burn a lot of calories in the bedroom too. I get a lot of guys coming up to me who have bought my striptease DVD and they thank me because their girls have learnt hot to give them amazing lapdances." But despite her slim figure the model-and-actress still gorges on calorific treats. Carmen said: "I eat a lot of junk - while I was in the UK I ate so many Flake chocolate bars! I once had a job dressed as a clown and I had to pop corn in a shoe store. The problem was I ate so much popcorn I got sick. I got paid $4 an hour but was probably eating more than that in popcorn."

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