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      Jolly Days – Review

      By Super Admin

      Jolly Days, the Kannada remake of the Telugu film Happy Days, has a freshness that Sandalwood has not seen for quite a while. This vibrant film completely clears the tarnished image of college students as aimless spoilt brats without any goals. Here, the lead characters are studious, have the right attitude and are serious about what they do. The film imparts energy, youthfulness and vigour into the audience.

      Jolly Days follows the lives of eight students (four boys and four girls) from the beginning to the end of their four year Engineering course. The film begins with the eight students enrolling at AIT Engineering College. They survive the customary ragging by seniors and soon become the most brilliant students of the college. They excel in everything from studies to sports. In due course, the eight students pair up within themselves and romance blossoms and their close bonds becomes stronger during the second year. The group includes Santosh and Ankita.

      A good singer, Ankita finds Santosh regularly supporting her when she is down. One day, Santosh expresses his wish to kiss Ankita which her father overhears. Ankita, feeling ashamed and dejected, breaks up with Santosh. They are not on good terms with each other for the next two years. At the end of the fourth year, Ankita finally realizes that Santosh is indeed a good boy and reunites with him. Of the other three pairs, only one pair remains intact; the other two split.

      Youngsters Pradip, Vishwas, Deepu, Pravin, Aishwarya Nag, Ruthwa, Spoorthi and Keerthi, who play the eight students, have shown great talent and commitment. Pradip and Aishwarya Nag definitely share good vibes and stand out from the rest.

      The one person who deserves maximum appreciation is director M.D. Sridhar for carefully handling the script and narration. Script writer Madhu should be proud of the end-product since a subject with college students is difficult to handle and it could easily get downgraded into a second grade film if not written well. Good cinematography from Krishna Kumar and some beautiful tunes by Mickey J. Meyer makes the film joyful to watch.

      Jolly Days is a wonderful movie which lets the audience glimpse into the lives of a few college students who believe that friendship is sacred and should never be lost.

      Banner: Young Dreams Production

      Direction: M.D. Sridhar

      Production: Madi Reddy Param

      Music: Mickey J. Meyer

      Cast: Vishwas, Deepu, Pravin, Niranjan, Aishwarya Nag, Ruthwa, Spoorthi, Keerthi, Ruthika, Suchindra Prasad, Kishori Ballal, Sriraghav

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