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Of the people - Review

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Of the people, the third sequel of Jayaraj's people series, fails to attract the viewers for the first time. It seems that the director has almost lost his touch to make this movie with a new approach. At the end, Of the people is a boring flick, which is also technically a poor one.

There is nothing new in the story. This film begins where For The People ended. Three of the four vigilantes – Easwar Iyer (Arjun), Shafique (Padmakumar), and Sebastin (Arun) come out of jail after serving their sentences, but are shunned by the society and students. Being influenced by Che Guevara, the revolutionary leader of communist ideology, they go to the forests to fight a guerilla style war through their laptop as they have like in the original created a website, where they take complaints from harassed people and annihilate baddies dressed like Che Guevara!

A journalist Nancy Issac (Devipriya) interviews them and they become top on the watch list of Hari Shankar (Harish), the new IPS officer looking after the case. The bad guy is Nassar (Anoop), the land mafia leader, who starts targeting these four warriors. Nancy is murdered leading to a long drawn out predictable climax.

Lack of realistic scenes and professional approach make this film as a poor version of People series. In some segments, this film looks like a documentary on the past and present Kerala politics. In most of the scenes, it seems that the media people drive the film with news reading or interviewing.

While each frame of For The People shows that the director has put his heart and soul into the making of the film, the shots in By the People and Of the People seem to betray a lack of any such wholehearted involvement. Maybe the director has been carried away by the success of the first film and believed that the subsequent films in the series would follow suit. This over-confidence seems to have done harm to the film.

The debutante script-writer Sreekumar Shreyas should have given more attention to details, while penning the script. As for the dialogues in English, they sometimes seem to have been put there deliberately and are delivered rather awkwardly. The Performances of all the lead characters also not up to the mark.

It is the apt time to the director to come out from the hangover of People series. Hope the ace director will come out with a fresh theme in his forthcoming ventures!

Verdict: Dismal show


Cast: Arun, Arjun, Padmakumar, Harshan, Devipriya, Govind, Nedumbram Gopi, Sabitha Jayaraj

Music: Vinu Thomas

Director&Producer: Jayaraj.

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