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Amy Winehouse confuses James Bond actor

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Monday, August 13, 2007
Washington (ANI): Amy Winehouse's reference to legendary actor Sir Roger Moore in her latest album has left him 'confused', for he doesn't know 'what she means'. The Brit star ambiguously mentions the former Bond star's name in her new album 'Back to Black'. "I've heard the song and I found it a little confusing. "I believe the lyrics are: 'Cause you're my fella, my guy/Hand me your Stella and fly/By the time I'm out the door/You're 10 men down like Roger Moore,'.

Contactmusic quoted Moore, as saying. "I've no idea what it means! Answers on a postcard please," he added. On August 6, the 'Rehab' singer Winehouse denied reports that she will record the new James Bond theme, but added that she would love to do the song, if she gets a chance. It seems that Amy Winehouse's friends are pleading her to check into rehab to get help for her alcohol and drug problems.

Apparently, the rehab-dodging singer is now considering the suggestion. The news comes after reports that the 'Rehab' singer was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed at home. It is suspected that she passed out due to booze and drugs binge." Amy was at home in the early hours of Wednesday when she collapsed. Blake was desperately worried and had to get her to hospital. Everyone's worried that she's dabbling in drugs. She's been hitting the bottle in an incredible way lately and has lost so much weight," the Mirror quoted a friend, as saying.

"She has been cancelling gigs left, right and centre and it's not great for her professionally. She is having a tough time lately and has just cracked," the friend said. "The gigging, the drinking, that car-crash lifestyle...but with Amy, no one can tell her to look after herself. She's not the kind of person who listens. She is brilliantly talented and at the top of her game but the pressure is immense. She can't help herself going into dark places. She needs a break from everything. Her self-destructive ways has made everyone predict that one of Britain's young talents is doomed.

The singer reportedly went on a three-day drug and drink binge before she collapsed at her home on August 8, an insider has revealed. The Brit star was on a drug marathon as she took ecstasy, cocaine and horse tranquilliser ketamine along with whisky and vodka. The source said that the bender ultimately left the rehab singer 'pale with the dead eyes of a shark'. The 23-year-old then went pub hopping and threw a party for friends, before she was rushed to the hospital at one in the night.

At London's University College Hospital, she was administered on adrenaline shots and her stomach was pumped. "It was like she had pressed the self-destruct button. She was downing coke, pills and ketamine, vodka and Jack Daniel's. Even Amy says she will be dead within one year," the Sun quoted the source close to Winehouse's hubby, as saying. "She had a party of people around before she collapsed. She looked like a zombie - white as a sheet and trembling. And I'll never forget her eyes. They were dead, like a shark." "At one point she strummed her pink guitar and sang and I thought, 'Yes, the girl is back'."

"But then she started rocking like a six-year-old and was wailing and sobbing." On August 6, Winehouse and her hubby Blake Fielder-Civil visited Robert Inn in Hounslow, right after she arrived from a gig. An eyewitness said that the couple kept visiting the restrooms, apparently for taking drugs "Both Amy and Blake made repeated visits to the toilets during the two hours they were here," the witness said.

"She went into both the ladies' and men's loos. I suspect they were taking cocaine. They were with another woman. Amy ordered a club sandwich, asking for tuna instead of chicken - but she never ate it. She was a very nice person and signed some CDs for us and also had games of pool with the locals. It was surreal seeing them in there as it really isn't the kind of pub that you see a rock and roll star in. There are normally only three old men in there. The session was followed by another stint at The Hawley Arms in Camden, North London.

Meanwhile Sir Roger Moore is desperate to work with his predecessor Sir Sean Connery, and wants him to come out of retirement. The 79-year-old veteran actor, who replaced Connery in the series of 007 movies in 1973, says that he would like to work in a film with the Scottish actor and their friend Sir Michael Caine.

"Sean, Michael and I are good friends. I'd still like to get together with the guys and drag Sean out of his self-imposed retirement," Contactmusic quoted Moore as saying. He, however, has made it very clear that this union can be possible only in a film that has a very good script. We need a damn good script and a talented director," he said. The last big role that Connery played was in the movie 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' in which he portrayed Allan Quartermain.

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