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Kylie, Martinez dating again

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
It looks like singer/actress Kylie Minogue and ex-beau Olivier Martinez have buried the hatchet, for the two are reportedly dating again. The pop star has reportedly forgiven the French actor, who cheated on her following her breast cancer nightmare, and has been enjoying secret meetings with him.

The two were recently spotted kissing and hugging outside a cafe near Martinez's home. The couple announced their split on 3 February 2007 saying their decision to go their separate ways was mutual and amicable and the two have been friends since then. According to a pal, the two are now regularly seeing each other and their relationship is starting to come back on track after they sorted out matters over a lunch meeting.

"Kylie has made regular visits to Olivier's home in Paris over the past few weeks. And recently their relationship has begun to redevelop," the Daily Mail quoted the pal, as saying. "Things started to progress when Kylie flew over for a hospital appointment. They went for a heart-to-heart lunch and thrashed out a few issues," the pal said.

According to a source revealed that the singer still calls Martinez as the 'love of her life' and dresses the way she and the actor likes. "Kylie put on a chic black dress and headscarf to look as Parisian as possible. She loves the look, and knows Ollie does, too. We were all delighted to see them back together again. She always says she's at her happiest in Paris, and especially with Ollie. She still calls him the love of her life," the source said.

Another source revealed that the singer has always wished to get back with Martinez since they separated. "Since her split from Olivier, she realised her dream may never be fulfilled and she was desperate to patch up their differences, as he is the love of her life," the source said. The source also revealed that it must have been very difficult for the actor to stay away from Minogue, for the two shared a very close relationship.

"Since they split up they have still been very close. For months, Ollie and Kylie were practically living as man and wife. It was an intensely close relationship and it must have been very hard for him to give up," the source added.

However, Kylie's spokesman has denied that the two have anything more than friendship. "It's not true that they are back together. They do see each other but that has always been the case," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, since the two split the actor has been linked to several women, including Spanish model Goya Toledo and actress Penelope Cruz while Kylie was recently linked with film director Alexander Dahm. However the dance-pop singer has denied her dating rumours with Dahm. "I'd find it completely immoral to be involved with a married man," the singer said.

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