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Kya Love Story Hai - Music Review

Posted By: Staff
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By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Will Pritam be able score a Hat Trick after being Just Married in real life and proclaim - Kya Love Story Hai?

One very much believes so because the composer has been the most consistent and versatile in the year gone by. With two delightful soundtracks in the form of Just Married and Hat Trick, it is hard to imagine him not doing too well, especially in a film like Kya Love Story Hai which belongs to a genre that allows him to be young, hip and cool. With lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed and debutant Lovely Singh at the helm of direction, this N.R. Pachisia film pairs Tusshar Kapoor and Ayesha Takia for the first time ever.

With lyrics like 'Miss You Everyday', one expects a sad/mushy opening to the album. What one gets is an absolute surprise as the number turns out to be a cool club number with an early 80s Biddu-brand Disco feel to it. A Shaan solo, 'Miss You Everyday' is a cool hangout number that with a continued rhythm making it instantly catchy.

The number may not be chartbuster to remember by end of the current year but for the moment, it is a good foot tapping youthful number to which you can jive along on a dance floor, especially when it arrives in a spiced up 'remix' version. In fact, that's the version you end up liking more since it just gets the stage set for a funky outing in your neighborhood discotheque.

Alisha Chinoy, who is now almost a regular when it comes to churning a number for a youth album, is heard quite soon in the album with the arrival of 'It's Rocking'. Except for the words 'It's Rocking', rest of the number is entirely in Hindi. This is the very same track that is being heavily publicized as a Kareena Kapoor guest number.

Hearing the track, one is almost sure that if it is choreographed well and lives up the hype that is being created around it, 'It's Rocking' should be quite an eye candy. A fusion number with golden melody 'Udi Jab Jab Zulfen Teri' interspersed with the rest of the track at places, 'It's Rocking' is an item number which has a mix of Indian and Western rhythm and feel with variety of instruments being used for it's creation.

After two dance numbers, get ready for a retro outing in the form of 'Gumsum Hai Dil Mera'. A track about a man who is hopelessly in love, it is composed in the 50s style with everything from Sonu Nigam's rendition to background male chorus to rhythm and melody contributing to make it sound like a song from the past.

Having said that, the overall effect of 'Gumsum' doesn't quite make you go 'wow' as the final outcome hardly makes you long to hear the number in a repeated manner. In the end, it is a 'thanda' affair with only a promise of an innovative picturisation raising some hopes of anything memorable.

Last year Pritam had composed a very good title song for 'Naksha' that was sadly not promoted at all and went completely unnoticed. A sufi-rock number it was an excellent track and could have been a rage if bombarded on the music channels and FM. One hopes that 'Aye Khuda' meets with a better fate as this track too belongs to the same genre.

Rendered by Kunal Ganjawala, 'Aye Khuda' is in the same mould as popular number 'Sayonee' with 'tabla' playing a major role in creating a catchy rhythm for the song. A racy number with full on rock arrangements to keep you glued on to the proceedings, the song is about a dilemma of a man who is trying to find his way ahead in life. A good situational track, it would be quite an interesting sight if portions of this number appear at different parts of the narrative.

It's a rap-n-reggae beginning for 'Deewana Teri Aankhon Ka' that has Joy and Jojo coming together behind the mike. A hip-hop number that has HIT written all over it, is a number waiting to explode in promotion. This is the track that should be used for the promotional purpose with an exclusive music video being built around it since it is a true blue club track with an out and out western base to it.

It's quite surprising that so far the only track to be promoted is 'Miss You Everyday' [which is good] while an immense hype is being built around 'It's Rocking'. That's because if one has to pick and choose a single number that has impressed most in the album so far, it has to be 'Deewana Teri Aankhon Ka'.

Pritam reunites with his 'Ya Ali' singer Zubin in the last track of the album 'Jeena Kya Tere Bina'. Appearing in a regular and 'remix' version, this well worded track is about a man who is missing his lady love. But no, the track doesn't become a drag or one of those routine sad numbers. Instead it picks on fast paced route, especially in the remix version, and ensures that you have your attention on while the song is on.

If you have liked 'Ya Ali' and the remix versions of 'Woh Lamhe' and 'Aadat', you would not mind adding 'Jeena' in your song list too. Though it may not go an extra distance as the aforementioned numbers, it falls under the same genre and has in it to be reasonably successful, especially if the film turns out to be successful.

None of the 6 tracks is bad at all and earns a place for itself to be included in the album. Yes, Pritam does score a hat-trick with 'Kya Love Story Hai'. He may not have produced anything out of the box (it wasn't required as well for the film of this genre), but what he does well is churning out the kind of tunes, considering the commercial mainstream film KLSH is, which would appeal to the target audience i.e. youngsters.

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