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      Yuddham Sei – Movie Review

      By Ramchander

      Mysskin, who is known for making different kind of films, is back with Yuddham Sei. The movie has generated a huge hype in Kollywood and adding to that Rajinikanth full marks for the film has made the audience to eagerly wait for the movie release. Read on for Yuddham Sei review.


      J Krishnamurthy (Cheran) is a CBCID officer in a crime-filled city, who almost resigns from the job, as his sister gets abducted from unknown people. But his senior officer refuses to accept his resignation and assigns him to investigate the mystery of missing girls and murders. Soon his trusted associates Prakash (Yugendran) and Tamizh(Deepa Shah) joins him to investigate the case. However, the crimes increases in rapid speed after they took up the case. How they investigate? Who is behind these serial crimes? Are all the interesting parts of the story, which is advised to see on-screen keeping thriller factor in mind.


      Cheran has given an excellent performance as a detective. Especially, his emotes during frustration and investigation are wonderfully captured on camera. Y Gee Mahendra and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan have showcased their hidden potential. Jayaprakash as a pathologist is at his best. Deepa Shah has done justice to her limited role. Neetu Chandra and Ameer's entertains the audience with an item number.

      Credit should go to Mysskin for giving one of the best thriller movies in the recent times. He has written wonderful screenplay out of simple story. Interesting part of the story is that the audience will not come across big fights or punch dialogues, which are all common in a police story. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat without these regular elements. However, at parts he has dragged the story and he would have worked a bit more on the script. Rest other departments like Cinematography by Sathya, Music by K, have done good job behind the screens.


      One the whole, Yuddham Sei is a worth watchable movie and it can be good entertainer for this weekend.

      Cast: Cheran, Deepa Shah, Yugendran, Y Gee Mahendra, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and others.

      Director: Mysskin

      Music: K

      Cinematographer: Sathya

      Producer: Kalpathi Agoram

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