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      Podhu Nalan Karudhi Review: Looks Good On Paper But Falls Short Of The Magic On Screen


      The big screen has often shown real-life stories and sufferings, and now we have one more movie following suit. Podhu Nalan Karudhi is about two giant loan sharks and their greed towards money, which results in the middle-class suffering in Chennai.

      Podhu Nalan Karudhi Review: Looks Good On Paper But Falls Short Of The Magic On Screen

      The story revolves around a lower-middle class person, Poovarasan (Karunakaran), a call taxi driver who is in quest of his lost brother. He shoulders the responsibility of his family, which consists of his father, sister-in-law and a niece. You also have a romantic track with Anu Sithara who plays a school teacher.

      Uththiram (Yog Japee), a loan shark lends loans and does recovery of the same through Napolean (Santhosh Pratap) who goes to the extent of kidnap, assault and even kill borrowers in the process. We often see Uththiram and Babu (another loan shark) getting into clashes and gang fights when they cross each other.

      There's also another track involving a simpleton Kannan (Adith Arun), who arrives in Chennai to make a living as a two-wheeler mechanic. He happens to encounter Subiksha, who is born with a silver spoon and is in love with Kannan. The former doesn't believe in the institution of marriage though she is in love with the labour class simpleton.

      How are all these characters stitched together and what are the consequences faced by them forms the rest of the plot.

      Zion, the director of the movie, has definitely got a good line of the subject, which excites the audience upon hearing the same. The initial setup and the way forward offers good excitement, however, the tempo seems to be lost mid-way in the first half. At some point, the movie goes haywire and doesn't quite get the desired connect.

      Writer Zion scores ahead over director Zion

      Karunakaran is at his usual best and offers a varied range of expressions while Adith Arun, Santhosh Prathap, Yog Japee and Subhiksha are equally good in contributing to their respective roles.

      The rest of the cast and crew are adequate and neither seem to be on the downside nor add a lot of weight to the movie.

      Final Verdict

      Podhu Nalan Karudhi appears to be a rich flick on paper but not so qualitative with its final output on screen.

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