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End of 'Satta' in Bigg Boss house

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Lately Bigg Boss house has turned into a mad house thanks to the 'Satta" task assigned to the housemates. Since the task involved selection of a Rajneta, who could get a chance to be one of finalists incase he/she managed to stop the housemates from breaking the house rules, everyone in the house seems to be taking this task lightly and have made mockery of the 'Satta".

Today is the final day the task and Pravesh Rana has been selected as the new leader. But Pravesh decides to trick the housemates into believing that he is sick, so that they follow the rules and he is spared of the jail sentence. But soon the housemates catch his bluff and dissolve his government as well, which results in Pravesh landing up in jail. After Pravesh, Claudia Ciesla is selected as the new leader who meets with the similar fate as Pravesh.

Meanwhile, Pravesh, Bhakhtyar and Aditi are bitching about Vindu. They say that they are really undecided about Vindu– he is either too insecure and might manipulate the situation in his favor or he is overconfident.
Later, Kamal Rashid Khan tells Vindu Dara Singh that he is on a secret mission where he needs to send maximum number of leaders into jail. Whenever he gets someone to sends to the jail, he earns some points, which are good for the house. This explanation convinces Vindu.

Kamal Khan who loves to talk about his lavish lifestyle is seen washing his clothes. This amazes the housemates, as this is the first time that Kamaal is washing the clothes in the house. Kamal"s mind is on overdrive as he tries to break Claudia"s reign and send her to jail. Even as Kamal and Vindu are still thinking about how to bring Claudia"s government down, Bigg Boss announces the conclusion of the weekly task and release of all prisoners.

The competition is now pretty visible amongst the housemates Bigg Boss introduce Chevrolet Cruz car and announces that on the day of finale any one amongst the 13 contestant who is Bold and Stylish will win this Chevrolet Cruz car. For now housemates have been assign a task title– 'Choose to Cruz" where they need to make an advertisement on Chevrolet Cruz car and have to enact in the activity area. If they perform well then their ad will be chosen for the television campaign and the winning team will receive a lavish dinner from Bigg Boss.

Thrilled, the housemates divide themselves into two groups, group A includes– Pravesh, Kamaal, Claudia and Aditi and other group includes – Poonam, Bhakhtyar, Vindu and Raju. They start drafting their scripts and rehearse their act so that they do not make any mistake. Soon after the task alarm rings and housemates gather in the activity area to present their final Performance.

Looks like Bigg Boss is instigating the contestants! Claudia and Pravesh are seen discussing the result of the public vote and with the PAA task another day in the Bigg Boss house comes to an end.

Will the housemates be able to get anything in their luxury budget after putting everyone in the jail? Does Kamaal really have a secret mission?

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