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Pravesh Rana to win Bigg Boss feels KRK

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It"s the sixty seventh morning in Bigg Boss"s house. The entire house seems disturbed and confused by Bhakhtyar Irani"s mock winning speech. Kamal Rashid Khanwho has always had a poor opinion of Bhakhtyar is seen voicing his opinions to Claudia Ciesla about his gut feelings on Pravesh Rana winning and Vindu Dara Singh being one of the finalists. It"s yet another busy morning with the housemates carrying out their daily chores. With Friday approaching, the housemates are back to speculating who would have to leave the house this week. Last night"s mock winner Bhakhtyar is seen contemplating with Kamal and Pravesh about whom, according to them, will be out this Friday and most housemates take Bhakhtyar"s name. This sets the mood of the house with everyone anxious about the forth-coming day and the train of speculation is now running at full speed.

Poonam Dhillon, always the sweet hearted and forgiving person, tells Vindu that according to her Bhakhtyar is not a bad person, but the desperation to win is taking its toll on him, which is why he is becoming manipulative. Kamal who is famous for fueling all fires, is now out to create more chaos amongst the housemates. He is seen instigating Poonam against Claudia by wondering how could Claudia nominate her for eviction? After all, Poonam has been extremely nice to her. Discussions in the house are taking an all-new turn where all are trying to find out how they are perceived by others and what"s their popularity quotient is.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the eviction procedure will commence in some time. And this time around, all the housemates are nominated so everyone needs to pack their bags and get ready. The unusual eviction process shocks the housemates. Everyone starts packing their personal belongings at the same time simultaneously speculating about who will leave the house today. Guesswork continues, where Pravesh and Claudia are thinking that it might be Kamal or Poonam who would be going out of the house. By now the eviction anxiety weighs heavy on the housemates.

Bigg Boss gets the housemates to assemble in the living area before the eviction and shows them a video of viewers polling which brings a smile on their face. Later Bigg Boss starts the eviction procedure by questioning them whom they want to see leaving the house. The majority vote is against Bhakhtyar.

Bringing an end to the fears of eviction in most minds, Bigg Boss announces the name of the person who is supposed to leave the house and it is none other than Kamal Khan and Bhakhtyar finally heaves a sighs of relief. With the announcement Kamal leaves the house but can it really be such a simple eviction for the most well-known and colorful person in the house? Not at all and this is proven when one sees- 'Bye Bye and All the best KRK" in fireworks splashed across the sky along with his short journey video being played for the housemates. Viewing all this, the housemates become regretful and emotional say that Kamal has won a place in everyone"s heart.

The housemates are now relieved with the eviction and need a new topic for discussion and what better than the controversial stand of Bhakhtyar in the house. Lovebirds Pravesh and Claudia are seen bitching about Bhakhtyar to Aditi and how even after being her best pal; he wants her out of the house. Aditi, who proves to be a true and faithful friend, still takes Bhakhtyar"s side. Bhakhtyar soon joins the trio and Pravesh confronts Bhakhtyar to find out whom amongst the two –Aditi and Bhakhtyar, was the one to write his name as the most manipulative and selfish.

With this twist and turn another day at the Bigg Boss house comes to an end. Will Pravesh and Claudia be successful in breaking Bhakhtyar and Aditi"s friendship?

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