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Mohe Rang De to have a new twist

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Mohe Rang De is a very different period drama based on India's pre- independence scenario and now the serial is going to take a twist in its story. Show's lead character, Rajveer is going to switch loyalties towards Indian government from the Britishers. "Such a change in Rajveer's character is going to change the whole plot of the serial and it would be very interesting for us to see such a twist in the serial", says Kulbhushan Lal, who is playing Rajveer's character in the show.

He continues saying, "It happens so that in a party which is organized by Rajveer's father Kulbhushan Lal invites his childhood friend Rai Bahadur and along with him he also invites the British lieutenant colonel there. Although many people like Kranti and all didn't want him to be invited there. In the party the British lieutenant colonel starts insulting Rajveer and Kranti and says many bad things about them.

Rajveer plays the character of a lawyer who fights cases for the British Government and after winning several cases he lost one case and for that the lieutenant colonel starts insulting him. He continues his assaults on Rajveer saying that he was a loser and stuffs".

"Rajveer is shocked to know the truth and he gets very angry on the colonel. The party scene is shot very dramatically and after all it happened so that the lieutenant colonel kicks Rajveer father's turban off. This act is not well digested by Rajveer and he decides to revolt against the British Government. This is the transformation act of Rajveer's character." We went to the location of the shoot and had a chat with the cast and crew of the show about the whole twists and turn which is going to be aired in the coming weeks.

We spoke to Gavie Chahal who plays Rajveer in the show and he speaks about the whole change in his character, "My character in the show is of a lawyer who has studied law from London and now he has come back to India. He works for British government but he has no idea that he was being used and brainwashed by the British against his own country. When he gets to know about the truth he decides to revolt. I am very patriotic and I feel really proud that now because of such a change in my character I would be able to do something for my country."

We also spoke to Prableen who plays Kranti in the show, "After the whole sequence when Rajveer will change and do things which I always used to do I will get shocked and will think that it is one of his tricks." We asked Kranti that will she start liking him after this change. She replied saying, "Initially I will not understand the whole thing and will doubt on him but may be afterwards when I will get to know the truth I would change but I won't disclose it now."

Rajveer's father Kulbhushan Lal says that he was really very happy to see that now his son is changing and he is fighting for his country. He was also happy because Rajveer has come to know the truth because of his father's insult in the party. The new twist will be aired in about 15 days from now. This indeed is a crucial stage when Rajveer turns his loyalty towards the Indians.

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