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Read: Saraswatichandra fame Gautam Rode live tweet chat

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Star Plus had arranged live Twitter chat with its Saraswatichandra actor Gautam Rode. The actor was on Twitter answering all the questions his fans asked live.

Gautam Rode

Here are all the questions his fans asked and the answers Gautam gave on Twitter:

Q1: Gautam, which is favourite holiday destination abroad and what will be ur ideal vacation be like ,abroad ?
A1: My favourite destination is Leela Resort, Kovalam beach in Trivandarum Abroad it's Mauritius and London

Q2: Which Shade of Saras do you like to Enact more?
A2: Angrywala and emotional :) Requires preparation and more effort to connect to the situation

Q3: Best compliment given by ur mom and dad ? :)
A3: Dad keeps speaking abt particular episodes and expressions. Mom picks on everything clothes, hair etc

Q4: Ur outfits r awsum, u r a fashion icon,Ur inspiration for ur style?
A4: Saras is not loud in his dressing bt wears smart and well-fitted clothes... credit to designers Reena n Sandesh.

Q5: If Saras were a real person, what friendly advice would you give him to overcome his personal crisis?
A5: My advice for him would be to interact more take life easy n live in the present..

Q6: I know you're religious but do you believe in miracles?
A6: I am practical n positive...I believe in practicality. Thr have been no overnight changes in my life..

Q7: What gets u upset or angry n how do u deal with it?N on the contrary what gives u happiness :)
A7: I get angry whn a thing is going right n ppl involved with it ruin it... I try to solve it positively..

Q8: Whats your favourite scene shot on the show up until now?
A8: Lake scene whr Dugba saves him, Saras playing with his dog...flashes of his mother n his fights with his fathr!

Q9: Wat u think ur life has bcome more beautiful after entering acting carrier.?
A9: Everyone likes to be admired ... like whn fans come up for autograph...enjoying good attention... :)

Q10: Hey gauti..which serial u love to watch on star plus other than urs??and why?
A10: Veera is good... My best frnd Wasim has directed the show n I love the kids :)

Q11: What do u look forward to eveyday on saraswatichandra set n why?
A11: Interesting scenes n situations... Also emotional scenes since they gt best of ur performance!!!

Q12: What is your planning for this year's BIRTHDAY(14th Aug).? Is there any spcl plan fr celebratn :)?
A12: No special plans for birthday...will celebrate with family n friends...Not a party person...boring person ;)

Q13: Its ur first star parivaar awards! How do u feel working wid star parivaar ? :)
A13: Lots of fun, grand drama & story telling...performances are good romantic inspirational...looking forward

Q14: Hey G ?! Do You have any one Song of Bollywood in mind?￰゚ホᄊ that You wish was Picturised On You ???
A14: I love ths song Mera Mann kehne laga from nautanki saala :)

Q15: Hi Gautam! Please name one thing at the top of your bucket list!
A15: I want to be a successful actor don't know in what capacity though... :)

Q16: Gautam, you most prefer to watch which genre of movies??
A16: Nothing in particular.. Don't like horror movies...i like movies with good story screenplay n performances

Q17: If u were DJ Rode for the night what songs would be on ur playlist?
A17: Depends on my mood, maybe uchi hai bldg or romantic/emotional songs like sach keh raha hai deewana/tanhai

Q18: Have you ever been to North America? Any plans of visiting?
A18: No... Send me a return ticket i will dine with u n take you out...would be more than happy to come ;)

Q19: If you were to be / play a superhero, which one would you choose and why?
A19: Don't like spiders :) maybe Superman...but don't like the recent series

Q20: How do you unwind after working extra long hours without any break and look fresh the next very moment?
A20: Pata nahi...due to packed schedule I only get time to go to the gym bt im happiest when im there... :)

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