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Saraswatichandra: 19th May; Saras To Go To Mumbai Without Kumud?

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Saraswatichandra 19th May written episode: Kabir tells Saras to sing and impress Kumud, in Mumbai style. Saras fails to change her mind by any means. Kumud sticks to her point of not going to Mumbai. Guniyel, Kusum and Yash's mother become busy in selecting Kabir's bride. They give different opinions and fight over the issue of modern or conventional girls. Saras and Kumud come there. Saras opine that Kabir should not marry at all, as boys become helpless after marriage.

Kumud discovers Saras in the kitchen at night. He says that he is trying to prepare roti as he has to do it alone in Mumbai. When he fails to prepare the dough, he insists on making tea, but burns his hand. When Kumud takes care of the burn, he tells her that he cannot do anything without her and so, she must go to Mumbai with him. Kumud crosses this argument saying that maids are well available there.

At breakfast table Saras explains that he will somehow manage to cope up in the new city, as he is going there alone. Again everyone starts discussing about Kabir's marriage. He is asked whether he likes any girl. Kabir confirms that he cannot love anyone, as he has been brought up with immense hatred in mind. Kusum disturbs Danny while he is working at night, but he enjoys it. Kumud teases Saras and he becomes angry. He says that she will cry in his absence.

Kumud Is Adamant

Kumud firmly refuses to leave Ratan Nagari, saying that the family has reunited after much difficulty.

Saras Pretends To Make Roti

Saras pretends like he is practicing to make roti as he has to cook on his own in Mumbai. He attempts to seek Kumud's attention and convince her to go along.

Kumud Enjoys Watching Saras Struggle

Kumud finds it very funny when Saras keeps struggling to cook. She chuckles and teases him.

Saras Burns His Finger

Saras burns his finger in his attempts to make tea. Kumud rushes to nurse his finger.

Saras Says He Cannot Manage Without Kumud

Saras expresses his need for Kumud in Mumbai and tries to persuade her into going along with him.

Kumud Teases Saras

Kumud does not budge. She, instead, teases Saras saying that there will be cooks available in Mumbai.

Family Discusses Kabir's Wedding

Meanwhile, the family members are busy deciding whether to choose a modern or a traditional dulhan for Kabir. They also ask Kabir if he has a girlfriend, to his embarassment. Kabir is uninterested.

Saras Irritates Kumud

Saras goes to the kitchen, where Kumud is preparing the usual fare for dinner. He teases her saying that there are a variety of delicacies and interesting street food available in Mumbai.

Saras Provokes Kumud Further

Saras continues to talk about living the life of a bachelor in Mumbai for six months and says that he has also finalised a flat for staying. He provokes Kumud by talking of the modern and progressive lifestyle of Mumbai.

Danny And Kusum Romance

Kusum feels an urge to disturb Danny while he is working that night. He enjoys it and the two romance.

Kumud Teases Saras In Return

Kumud takes the opportunity to tease Saras on his plan to go to Mumbai alone that night.

Saras Is Irked

Kumud's teasing irks Saras and he shoots back at her saying that she will cry in his absence.

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