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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Gets Drunk; Pragya Kisses Abhi! (PICS)

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya (Sriti Jha) has changed her attitude and her lifestyle just to save Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) from his wicked sister Alia (Shikha Singh) and girlfriend Tanu (Leena Jumani). But Abhi misinterprets Pragya, thinking she has changed for money.

Pragya will make every possible move to trap Alia and Tanu, but both will narrowly escape blaming Pragya for every mistake they were blamed.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Alia, Tanu and Raj will plan to steal the money in the truck. Bulbul will see the men loading the money in the truck and inform Pragya. Just when Pragya was about to stop the goons, she will be hit on her head and lay unconscious in the truck.

Pragya's assistant watches this and informs Abhi, while Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) gets into the truck to save Pragya and gets stuck. Tanu and Alia will be told to get the van to load the money, while the duo get the truck, Mitali, Tai ji and Taya ji too get into the truck. On the other hand, Dadi, Daasi and Sarla get police to the spot where Pragya and Bulbul are tied up.

Purab and Abhi save Pragya, Bulbul and money on time. When Pragya blame Tanu and Alia for the trouble caused, they in turn blame Pragya for stealing the money. Abhi will stop everyone saying the money is safe with him.

In another attempt, Pragya tries to trap Alia as the former tries to expose the latter in case of stealing the CD, but Alia escapes again.

Read the story and the spoiler in the slides...


Alia escapes from being caught in case of stealing Abhi's CD. Pragya plan to trap Alia fails again.

Disappointed Pragya

Disappointed Pragya meets Bulbul and Dadi to tell that her plan to trap Alia failed again.


While on the way, in the car, Abhi shouts out saying how bad his boss Pragya is. Pragya stops Abhi by pulling him back and they share a romantic moment.


Abhi stops the car and goes to his best buddy Purab's place. He emotionally blackmails Purab and gets drunk.


On the other hand, Alia and Tanu try to plan something else to extract money without Raj's knowledge. Raj asks them to reveal it, else he won't help them if they are trapped, while Ronnie tries to spy them!

Spoilers Of Pragya Getting Kidnapped-Raped; Tanu-Alia's Dirty Plan

There are few spoilers that said Pragya will get kidnapped and raped. Also the spoiler said, Alia, Raj and Tanu threatening Bulbul to leave Purab.

Lates Spoiler Of Kumkum Bhagya

But the latest spoiler is the lead pair Abhi and Pragya, in the upcoming episode, will be seen sharing a romantic moment.

Abhi Drunk

Abhi will get badly drunk and speak to the doll by making it wear the spectacles. He speaks to the doll about his love fuggi.

Abhi Speaks To The Doll

Pragya gets hurt seeing Abhi upset. Abhi tells Pragya that he loves Pragya's fuggi avatar and not this modern look.

Abhi-Pragya Romance

In inebriated state, Abhi asks Pragya to wear the spectacles and asks her to kiss him.

Pragya Kiss Abhi

Pragya kisses him on cheek. Well, if this is Rockstar Abhi's dream or real sequence should be seen in the upcoming episode.

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