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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu Gets Stuck Badly In Pragya’s Trap; Gets Arrested!!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya (Sriti Jha) is trying to reveal Tanu (Leena Jumani) and Alia's (Shikha Singh) secrets. In the previous episode, we saw how Pragya trapped Tanu with the briefcase episode. Tanu gets caught red-handed and Pragya slaps her in front of everyone!

Alia and Tanu are running short of money and they wanted money to hire a lawyer. Mitali tries to help them. Instead of taking to lawyer, Mitali takes the duo to a Tarot reader, who reveals that Alia and Tanu are on the wrong way and can earn money by their own hard earnings.

Alia and Tanu rubbish Tarot reader's message and return home, where Alia is punished to prepare three dishes. Alia plans to steal the briefcase which had money that was given to Ronnie by some person.

Alia sends Tanu asking her to steal the money. On the other hand, Pragya would have asked Ronnie to keep an eye on the briefcase.

As soon as Tanu holds the briefcase, Pragya catches her red-handed and slaps Tanu. The whole scene will be witnessed by everyone at home except Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia).

Tanu will be questioned by Pragya, who in turn will be questioned by others at home as to why she slapped Tanu. When Pragya reveals the truth of Tanu stealing the money, everyone will be shocked.

Tanu tries her best to prove herself innocent, but gets caught with each and every answer she gives. Pragya asks her to accept the truth else she would call police. But Tanu starts her drama of blaming Pragya for trapping her.

Finally police comes to arrest Tanu and asks Pragya to check the money. Pragya will be shocked as the bag would be empty.

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Pragya questions Tanu about what she was doing in her room. She also asks what was she doing with the briefcase that had money. Pragya tells that if she doesn't tell the truth she will call police.

Tanu Trapped!

Tanu get trapped badly with Pragya's questions. But she doesn't accept of stealing the money.

Alia Worried

Alia gets worried if Tanu opens up and reveals her name in stealing the money.


Raj watches all drama silently and gets annoyed of Tanu's stupidity.

Dadi Indirectly Supports Pragya

Dadi indirectly supports Pragya by asking her to call police and acts like supporting Tanu!

Police Arrest Tanu!

The police arrive to arrest Tanu, who warns Pragya and starts her drama of being goody to Dadi. She tells to say everything that Pragya did to her to Abhi.


Tanu warns Alia to get her released from the police station else she would reveal her name.


Abhi, on the other hand, recalls his past with Pragya. He gets upset as he thinks Pragya has changed a lot for money.

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