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Tashan-e-Ishq: Twinkle Is Shocked To Know RT's Truth; Will She Accept Him?

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In the latest episode of Tashan-e-Ishq, we saw RT trying to convince Leela to accept him. Leela asks him not to get drunk,rather take care of himself.

Meanwhile, Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) is worried about telling Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) the truth; that RTis her father. In the night, Twinkle and Kunj share some sweet moments together with Twinkle taking care of Kunj.


Twinkle prepares for her dad's Barsi. This will put Leela in a dilemma as she knows that her husband is alive but not able to spill the beans to Twinkle.


Kunj tries his best to unite Leela and RT. He will constantly ask Leela to disclose everything to Twinkle. But Leela disagrees. Leela will ask Kunj to stop Twinkle from doing the Barsi havan.

Truth Revealed!

Kunj stops the havan and introduces Twinkle to her father RT. Twinkle is shocked to know that RT is her father and that is why he used to stalk Leela.

Twinkle Doesn't Accept Her Father

Twinkle is taken aback to know the truth about RT. She is unable to digest the fact that RT is her father. She doesn't accept him and is angry with him for leaving them alone in times of need.

Kunj Calms Twinkle Down

Twinkle cries a lot and is not able to come out of the shock. Kunj will try his best to pacify Twinkle and make her understand Leela's plight.

Twinkle Agrees

Twinkle will eventually accept RT as her father. Both, Twinkle and Kunj will try to reunite Leela and RT and in this process, will discover love for each other!

The following morning, Kunj discusses with Leela regrding informing Twinkle about RT. Leela refuses it and leaves from there. In the temple, while Twinkle is praying, Leela arrives.

She asks Twinkle why she is crying. Twinkle says that she misses having a father, so that Leela won't have to be lonely and there would be someone to take care of her.

Kunj and RT overhear Leela and Twinkle's conversation. Twinkle goes on to thank Leela for chosing Kunj as her husband. She tells Leela that Kunj understands her and takes care of her.

Twinkle notices RT and gets angry. She questions him why he has been stalking her mom. She warns RT to stay away from them.

Twinkle will start preparing for her father's death anniversary (Barsi). She tells Leela that she wants tomake all the arrangements. Leela freaks out listening to Twinkle's words.

Leela thinks that she has to stop it at any cost. Meanwhile, Kunj takes care of RT and asks him to forget the past and rather work towards winning over Twinkle's heart.

He receives a call from Leela. Leela tells him that Twinkle wants to do Barsi havan for her dad. Kunj informs RT about this. They all become sad.

In the upcoming episode we will see Twinkle making all arrangements for her dad's death anniversary. Leela will be waiting for Kunj to stop the havan. What will happen next on the show?

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