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Dil Bole Oberoi SPOILER: Kaali Organizes 'Bali Puja' For Chulbul; Omkara Develops Hatred For Gauri!

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In Star Plus' latest offering Dil Bole Oberoi, a high-voltage drama is going on of late. Kaali Thakur has entered the Oberoi mansion to create havoc in Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Gauri's lives.

Tej and Svetlana's wedding ceremony begins and Jhanvi is forced to watch her husband getting married to Svetlana. Kaali traps Omkara, who becomes a witness to the ongoing wedding too. Rudra and Chulbul (Gauri) reach the venue to rescue Omkara. (Check out the latest spoiler below)

Omkara Meets Gauri

In the upcoming episodes, Omkara will be shocked to see Gauri at the haveli. He will recall his marriage with her. Omkara will enquire Gauri about Chulbul.

Gauri Lies To Omkara

Gauri will refrain from telling the truth about Chulbul to Omkara fearing his safety. Omkara will tell her that, he wants his best friend Chulbul back. Gauri tells him that, there cannot be a person so good, probably he has been fooled.

Omkara Infuriated

Omkara will be infuriated upon listening to Gauri's statements and begins to grab her neck, but Kaali intervenes. Omkara is unaware about Gauri being Chulbul and Gauri will hide the truth as she does not want Omkara to hate Chulbul too.

Kaali Organizes 'Bali Puja'

As per the latest spoiler, Kaali will organize a 'Bali Puja' for Chulbul to threaten Omkara. A shocked Omkara will become a witness to this puja, wherein Kaali decides to sacrifice Chulbul.

Gauri To Perform The Puja

Kaali will order Gauri to perform th puja and she will be forced to accept his decision. She will hesitantly perform the puja, which angers Omkara. He will develop a hatred towards her.

Omkara To Save Chulbul?

Kaali's men will capture Omkara, but he will escape from their clutches and points a gun at Kaali instead. What will happen next? Stay tuned to know...

In The Last Episode...

Tej and Svetlana's wedding ceremony continues. But, Bua maa enters the scene at this point and shoots at the 'gatbandhan', thereby disrupting the wedding. She even prevents Jhanvi from jumping into the tub which contains a chamical.

Omkara makes use of this opportunity to break free from the cage, even though Kaali tries his best to prevent him. Kaali orders his goons to be beaten. Meanwhile, Svetlana leaves Tej at the mantap and escapes, which leaves him stunned.

The drama continues and they reach a cliff, wherein Omkara thrashes Kaali for his wrongdoings. Chulbul enters the scene from nowhere. Kaali makes use of this opportunity and grabs Chulbul towards him. Svetlana takes the opportunity to kill both Kaali and Chulbul and shoots Kaali.

Both Kaali and Chulbul fall off the cliff. Omkara reaches down the cliff but sees a very much alive Kaali speeding away with Chulbul. Omkara reaches Bareilly to rescue his dearest Chulbul. He lands at Kaali's haveli, and comes face-to-face with Gauri, now in thakurain's avatar.

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