Temptation Island Fame Neha Dinesh Anand Shares Her Love For Christmas & Favourite Traditions

Temptation Island India, Neha Dinesh Anand

Christmas 2023: Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe with many using it as a time to bask in the festive cheer. Neha Dinesh Anand, last seen in Temptation Island India, opens up about how she loves to celebrate Christmas and also shares her special traditions of the holiday.

Talking about how she creates a festive atmosphere in her home during Christmas, Neha says, "Christmas revolves around family and food. I eagerly anticipate enjoying delicious meals, indulging in traditional brunches, and savoring classic Christmas dishes, including the pumpkin cake."

Neha reflects on a memory of a Christmas celebration during the COVID lockdown while she was in Goa, "I cherish memories of Christmas away from home, particularly during the COVID lockdown when I was in a bio-bubble in Goa hosting the Hero ISL Football league. Despite being away from their families, fellow participants organized a fantastic Christmas party. They arranged a morning Christmas tea, decorated the rooms with items ordered from Amazon, set up a Christmas tree, and hosted a delightful Christmas lunch and evening drinks."

The actress says that maintaining Christmas traditions are really important to her and she enjoys them to the fullest, "I cherish Christmas as my favorite holiday, filled with fond memories of celebrating with my parents. Regardless of where I am, whether in a different country or state due to my acting career, I always maintain unique traditions like decorating the tree, making wishes for Santa, and hanging a stocking, even when away from home."

She adds what that one Christmas tradition which she cherishes is, "My cherished Christmas tradition involves decorating the tree with my mom, accompanied by the hilarious antics of our mischievous dog, Dobiee. Despite his penchant for swiping Christmas decorations, especially socks, we navigate the challenge of putting up lights and ensuring he doesn't snatch anything. Successfully completing the tree decorations and enjoying delicious cakes make it my favorite holiday tradition."

Neha also shares her love for Christmas movies and tells us which her all-time favourites are, "I adore Christmas movies, and while all the festive films are inherently beautiful, 'Home Alone' holds a special place in my heart. It's my all-time favorite, regardless of others' opinions."

There's one more Christmas movie which she considers her 'ultimate favourite,' "My ultimate favorite Christmas-related movie is 'Love Actually.' The film, with its diverse love stories, has left a lasting impression on me. 'Salami Ishq,' a remake of this film, also holds a special place. The poignant Christmas scene at the end, where a character expresses love, is particularly memorable. Overall, 'Love Actually' stands as my top choice among movies."

Neha Dinesh Anand wishes all the readers a Merry Christmas!


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