Bigg Boss 16's Shiv Thakare & Abdu Rozik In EDs Net For Money Laundering Investigation

Bigg Boss 16 celebrities Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik are currently embroiled in a significant money laundering investigation. Summoned by the Enforcement Directorate, they are connected to a case involving alleged narco-funding by drug dealer Ali Asghar Shirazi. The investigation focuses on their inadvertent involvement through business ventures funded by Shirazi's company, leading to a wider probe into the narco-funding's impact on legitimate businesses.

Shiv Thakare & Abdu Rozik

Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik, renowned for their participation in the widely watched reality show Bigg Boss 16, have recently found themselves under the scrutiny of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). The duo was summoned to provide their testimonies in a significant money laundering case associated with the alleged drug dealer Ali Asghar Shirazi. This development has been garnering considerable attention as both personalities are implicated as witnesses in the scandal.

Connection with a High-Profile Case

The case that has led to the summoning of Thakare and Rozik revolves around the financial activities of Ali Asghar Shirazi, who reportedly established Hustlers' Hospitality Pvt Ltd. This company is said to have funded several startups, including Thakare's Thakare Chai and Snacks and Rozik's burger brand, Burgiir. The involvement of their startups has placed them as key witnesses in the ongoing investigation into the money laundering case, which allegedly involves narco-funding.

Immediate Reactions and Actions

Upon discovering their inadvertent association with Shirazi’s alleged illicit activities, both Thakare and Rozik took decisive steps by terminating their contracts. This move reflects their intentions to dissociate from any illegal endeavors linked to Shirazi's operations. During his interaction with the ED, Thakare disclosed that he was introduced to Krunal Ojha, the director of Hustlers Hospitality, through a mutual acquaintance between 2022 and 2023. Following this introduction, they entered into a partnership for Thakare’s food venture. Thakare emphasized that he had never personally met Shirazi, indicating a degree of separation from the alleged drug dealer.

Narco-Funding Allegations and Investments

The crux of the money laundering allegations rests on the assertion that Hustlers Hospitality, under Shirazi's guidance, engaged in narco-funding. This illicitly acquired cash was then reportedly funneled into various startups as investments, including those owned by Thakare and Rozik. This intricate web of financial transactions has drawn the attention of the ED, prompting a thorough investigation to unravel the extent of narco-funding’s infiltration into legitimate business ventures.

As this case unfolds, the testimonies of Thakare and Rozik will be pivotal in shedding light on the operations of Hustlers Hospitality and its alleged involvement in money laundering. The involvement of these popular figures has undoubtedly cast a spotlight on the case, raising public interest in the outcomes of the ED's investigation. As the authorities continue their probe, the facts surrounding the case and the implicated individuals’ roles will gradually come to the fore, contributing to the broader efforts to combat narco-funding and money laundering.


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