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Cause For Uday Kiran's Suicide Revealed; Fans Mourn His Death

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The mysterious death of Telugu actor Uday Kiran, who committed suicide by hanging himself in Hyderabad on Sunday night, has shocked everyone in Andhra Pradesh. Some people feel that there must be some foul play behind his act. But the Jubilee Hills police have revealed the cause for his suicide. They say that the 33-year-old actor, who acted in 19 films including three Tamil movies, ended his life due to his depression over not getting films.

Uday Kiran's wife Vishitha, who had gone out for a family party, rushed to the flat after he did not respond to her phone calls. She got opened the door of his apartment with the help of the neighbours only to find him hanging to the ceiling. She immediately took him to Jubilee Hills Apollo Hospital, where the doctors declared him dead. An autopsy was conducted on the body at government-run Osmania General Hospital. The body was later shifted to the mortuary at Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS).

A police officer quoted his wife and other family members as saying that he was in deep depression for the last few days. He refused to attend the birthday party of a relative in the city on Sunday night and sent his wife for the same. Vishitha grew suspicious when he did not respond to her phone calls after sending her an SMS reportedly expressing his love. She rushed to the flat where she found him hanging from the ceiling in the gym. With the help of neighbours, she shifted him to hospital.

Kiran was depressed over not getting any new film since February last year. Family members told police that he was in touch with a Tamil filmmaker and was waiting for his phone call Sunday. He became depressed when he did not get the call. Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashok Kumar told reporters that no suicide note was found. He said investigations were on to find the cause of the suicide.

Investigators, who gathered clues at the flat, also questioned security guard and the actor's neighbours. They also seized mobile phone and laptop and were analysing the data to investigate the cause that may have led to actor's tragic end.

Several Telugu film personalities expressed shock over Kiran's suicide. Those who rushed to the actor's house include actor Srikant and director Teja. "Not just Uday Kiran, any actor will get into depression if nobody is signing him," said Teja, who described him as a soft-spoken actor.

Meanwhile, a lawyer filed a petition in State Human Rights Commission, seeking direction to the government to order probe into the actor's suicide. Petitioner Arun Kumar alleged that four families were ruling the Telugu film industry and cited this as the cause for Kiran's suicide.

Uday Kiran had huge amount fans, who are shocked by the news about his suicide. Read his fans' comments on his death in the slideshow.

Kalpana ‏@chikalp_allie

People who are with simple thinking and just simple living can never succeed in stardom !! It's sad dat #UdayKiran commit suicide ! RIP UDAY

Akshat Gaur ‏@akshatgaur1

R.I.P Telgu Actor #UdayKiran My heart felt condolence to his family.

Chandrasekhar ‏@ncsradvocate

udai kiran committed suicide, where is the man who bragged seve daivam and seve margam #UdayKiran

Lakshmi Karancheti ‏@lazylassss

RIP #UdayKiran. For the hero you were, the charisma was unmatchable. We missed you in the movies and now in person. :(

Common Man ‏@DTSREDDY

#UdayKiran is no more?? . How his wife and family members live him alone even they know he is in deep depression -It is a great mistake.

Naish ‏@naish_shroff

I was happy when I hear #UdayKiran #suicide because of misunderstanding with #udaychopra. But now I am sad #rip#UdayKiran

Sunny ‏@MahiFan_Forever

Seen him in Nuvvu Nenu and a few tamil films he did..an amazing actor,should hav been treated better by the film industry:( #UdayKiran #RIP

Ramakanth Josyula ‏@Ramakanthwrites

Should the Telugu Film Industry have an in house therapist to help people suffering with depression? #UdayKiran #Suicide

Shravan ‏@shravanonline

TV visuals of #UdayKiran deadbody are still haunting me.TVchannels must think once on coverage in mortuary premises

Teja ‏@teja_vemula

Still can't believe my Childhood fav hero #Udaykiran was no more..feeling sad :( RIP

Srikanth Varma ‏@SrikanthVarmaK

I think no father can behave such a way as #udaykiran father does! He is hesitating to take his own son dead body to his house!

Suriya ‏@FBSuryaFans

Shocked and deeply saddened to hear of #UdayKiran.. I pray for strength to his family and loved ones.

Srikanth Varma ‏@SrikanthVarmaK

It is unfortunate that #UdayKiran who committed suicide last night was insulted and neglected not only by #TFI but his own blood relations!

Praveen Yadav ‏@pyaarpraveen

Still unable to digest the news of #UDAYKIRAN suicide.. I wish I could see the end of those people in a quick time

Shruthi ‏@Shruthibwb

u hav all d comforts then act stubborn for one thing n do this being childish #UdayKiran

GRB ‏@epigiri

Innocence was #NoterAboutYou . You deserved a longer and better life. #UdayKiran , history will remember you as a successful star. #RIP

SIVA CHANDAN G ‏@SivaChandan

You dont need acting talent to thrive in Tollywood.You only need is influential abba, mamaiah and babai.Talent will be crushed #UdayKiran

Mouna Challa ‏@IntrovertMO

Films & Hits leka depress aina #UdayKiran kasta Raviteja ni aadarshamga teesukunte bavundedi. Very Very Sad for his death.

Harish Pothepalli ‏@quietdifferent

Sad to know about #UdayKiran's suicide. All of us have our own struggles with life. Most of us fight. Some give up. Wish they hadn't.

Nuha Sarwar ‏@SarwarNuha

A higly talented #AamAadmi #UdayKiran with 3 super duper hits got no movies bcoz of Chiranjeevi & PawanKalyan #Yuck on such low lives.

Saipavan ‏@Imsaipavan

Its very sad that indian telugu film actor #udaykiran passed away may his soul rests in peace

Krutika Kaushik ‏@krutikakaushik

why do people commit suicide. Sad demise of #UdayKiran. He would have explored more opportunities :(

Raulpola33 ‏@rahhulpola33

#udaykiran has donated his eyes after his death ...doesnt it show how good human was he ?

Jilla Da ‏@iRichardBoy

R.I.P #UdayKiran :( felt so bad when i heard this news:( may ur soul rest in peace.. will miss you..

Vivek Sharma Vadali ‏@saivivek143

He made us to know that 'man can do anything if he wills'......nd he forgot that...rip #udaykiran

GaneshPuttu ‏@ganeshputtu

RIP #UdayKiran.....a good actor and a fine man....shows once again that all success is ephemeral

Murali Reddy ‏@Murali__Reddy

Still remember da day (10th final exam), I watched ur debut film Chitram on first day Matnie show with childhood frds... RIP #UdayKiran

Kannan Sundararaj ‏@skannan_81

Hi #UdayKiran dont you have friends to talk to you? Really feeling very bad that you have taken such decision. RIP

Gandhi Gada ‏@gadagandhi

#Udaykiran death kante chanipoyina tarvatha consequences chala badhaga vunnayi... #RIP ...so sad...:(

Ranganadhan ‏@Ranganadhans

RIP #UDAYKIRAN to be frank a stupid decision by you., morally speaking hand of chiru and pawan killed a young actor.

Kartheek Nagineni ‏@IamdrKartheek

Morning 7am ki telisindi actor #UdayKiran suicidal death gurinchi. Appatinundi throughout the day yepani chestunna adhe gurthosthundi. #RIP.

Shunya M ‏@shunya1718

#UdayKiran is no more.. can't believe dis news. luvd u always and will miss u always. RIP.

Shafana Hussain ‏@shafanasays

Its heart breaking!! He shouldn't have done it but he did. What else we can do other than Praying for his soul?! RIP #UdayKiran

NadiaAkhan ‏@nadiaAmjadkhan

#UdayKiran may your soul Rest in PEACE....really very tragic. hrtly condolence to his wife n family...he'l b missed

Rashmita Reddy ‏@rashmita_r

Shocked to see R.I.P under uday kiran's pic,there was a time when u ruled tollywood! R.I.P :( #udaykiran

Uma Sudhir ‏@umasudhir

Friends hint that #udaykiran was isolated becos he had no godfather; industry preferred to avoid him becos they didn't want to annoy biggies

Yochita ‏@yharini

uday kiran is gone. Another star that couldve been...mr mega star...was it worth ruining his life? #UdayKiran rip

DVL Padma Priya ‏@priyakamal

If only the Telugu film industry had helped him when one section had boycotted him, maybe this wouldn't have happened #UdayKiran #allarinaresh proves to be a hero with a heart. The only person from the industry who requested every1 not to spread rumors abt #UdayKiran

Siva Krishna ‏@oburi_sk

Incident shows life is all about having people around you to share your feelings and to support ! Ended sadly R.I.P #UdayKiran

Srikanth ‏@Srik4nth

This is very unfortunate thing, still can't believe that #UdayKiran is no more.

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