Manchu Manoj:'We Moved Out Of Hyderabad & Lived Together After My Family Didn't Approve Bhuma Mounika As My Pa

Manchu Manoj and Bhuma mounika
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Manchu Manoj, who is recently married to his love, Bhuma Mounika, a mother of five-year-old son Dhairav, is going out and about in the public like never before. A wedding video song titled 'Yem Manaso,' was released by Manoj as a dedication to his wife.

Manoj, who refrained from the media glare following his separation from his first wife Pranathi Reddy, has become active post his wedding to Bhuma Mounika. The actor, who quit films in 2017 unofficially (although he posted a tweet and deleted it immediately) has started filming for his next titled 'What The Fish?'

Manchu Manoj and Bhuma Mounika's Love Story

Manoj and Mounika were married earlier to different partners before falling in love. They have been family friends even before as both parents were collaborating on film distributions, etc.

Bhuma Mounika, however, lost both her mother and father one after the other. Being divorced and acquainted, Mounika and Manoj got to know each other more, eventually ending up together, much to the disappointment of both side families.

Manchu Manoj and Mounika's Live-In Relationship

Meanwhile, revealing a few secrets about their love story, Manchu Manoj finally said, "When my family didn't approve of our relationship, I and Mounika decided to move to Chennai. We thought it is not okay to live in Hyderabad. There we lived together and went on several trips around the country. That was like a Vanavasam to us."

Manchu Manoj and Mounika finally tied the nuptial knot on March 3, at Lakshmi Manchu's house in Hyderabad. The actress-producer, Manoj's step-sister was the organizer and anchor of their wedding. Mohan Babu and mother Nirmala took part in the wedding festivities with enthusiasm while Manchu Vishnu attended for the namesake.

Manchu Brothers Controversy

By now, it has become evident that Manchu Vishnu and Manoj aren't getting together well. The latter had uploaded a video on his Instagram status and deleted it, which made it clear that they aren't on good terms. None of the Manchus tried to comment on the video and their issues. Meanwhile, Manoj, who is seen tagging along with his new wife to every event, is making sleazy remarks on the media when questioned about that particular incident.


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