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Babloo Movie Review - A vain attempt by amateurs

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Once filmmaking was a penance. The producer, director and other technicians used to struggle for years for bringing out a quality film. But these days it is just a passion. If you have money, you can gather a group of people having some connection with the film industry and you can make a movie. Especially, some well-to-do parents, in order to make their children's dream come true, are just spending some crores of rupees for it. Now, the latest to join this category is Babloo.

Babloo (Manotej) is the youngest of five in a family. His elder brother (Sivaji), who was committed to bring up his siblings, gets married to a girl. However, he makes it very clear that his brothers would stay with them and they are his priority. She gives her nod but the relationship gets strained due to the over-affection towards his brothers. So, his brother-in-law plans to eliminate the four children. But the elder brother saves them and in the process dies accidentally. So the other four develop hatred towards women. The three elders will not marry, but Babloo who was sent to the city to pursue education falls in love with a girl, Anjali (Aditi Sharma).

She has a flashback. Her father (Ahuti Prasad) is a notorious factionist and kills a boy, who loved his elder daughter before her eyes. However, he wants to marry Anjali to his nephew (Mukul Dev), whom she doesn"t like. What happened to Babloo"s love? Did Babloo convince his brothers for marriage? What about Anjali's father? Answers to all these questions form the climax.

Manotej has proved that he is an amateur actor. Though he has tried to show his dancing skills and flexed his muscles in action scenes, they appeared to be quite cinematic and there is no life in it. Aditi Sharma, though a novice, has done justice to her role and she is a promising actress. Despite huge star cast, the director has failed to govern any of them properly as he has no grip over the story. Mukul Dev is usual as a baddie, while Ahuti Prasad has given his best. The director has failed to establish the characters of the hero"s brothers including Vinodkumar, Sivajiraja and Rao Ramesh. Brahmanandam, Ali and Venumadhav are almost wasted. Rest others are convincing.

Music by Koti is loud. None of the songs are audible as the music has overtaken the lyrics. Kandikonda"s lyrics are not so catchy. No song is good to listen. Action scenes by Kanal Kannan are okay but they too are not choreographed in an impressive manner. Camera work by Agilan is average, and Gauthamraju has tried to join the scenes to the best of his knowledge. The director, who is responsible for the screenplay and dialogues, fails to give any punch.

As a whole, those who watch the film can simply say that amateurs have made a vain attempt to make the film and has delivered a dud.

Cast                : Manotej, Aditi Sarma, Ahuti Prasad, Mukul Dev, Chalapati Rao, Brahmanandam, Ali,                                Venumadhav, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Sivaji                             Raja, Sivaji, Vinodkumar, Rao Ramesh, Krishna Bhagawan, Surekha Vani, Satya                                     Krishnan, Geeta Singh and others
Credits           : Music – Chakri, Cinematography – Agilan, Editing – Gauthamraju, Lyrics – Kandikonda,                          Action – Kanal Kannan, Presents – Guduru Sivaramakrishna, Producer – Guduru Jhansi                          Rani, Story, dialogues, screenplay and direction – C Raviccharan Reddy.
Banner            : SPJ Creations
Released on   : June 3, 2011

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