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Bejawada - Movie Review

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for making movies on realistic lines, is back with yet another sensitive subject, Bejawada. This time RGV has chosen the gang and caste wars that occurred in 80s in Vijayawada, which was formerly known as Bejawada. The film is produced by him and directed by his former assistant Vivek Krishna.

The caste wars in Bejawada are well known to everyone. It is therefore a subject that would naturally appeal to any filmmaker. However the subject has not been handled well by director Vivek Krishna. The film is not about a big gang war between two factions and castes but it is reduced to a simple you-kill-my-brother-I-will-take-revenge drama.

Kali (Prabhu) is literally the King of Bejawada. He is a good man but the politicians fear him and seek out his help to further their political ambitions. He has a trusted lieutenant Vijay Krishna (Mukul Dev). Kali"s younger brother Shankar (Abhimanyu Singh) is envious of the clout and popularity of Vijay Krishna. Shankar also has his own political ambitions and eyes on the seat of his brother Kali.

So Shankar gets his brother Kali killed and puts the blame on Vijay Krishna. Shankar now sits in the chair of his brother Kali but is not quite happy. He now wants to eliminate Vijay Krishna as well. So he sets his goons after Vijay Krishna and succeeds in getting him killed. Vijay"s younger brother Jaya Krishna (Ajay) does not want the youngest brother Siva Krishna (Naga Chaitanya) to get involved in the faction politics and ruin his life. However, Siva Krishna is seething with anger at the murder of his brother and knows that it was the handiwork of Shankar. So he sets out to take revenge for the killing of his brother. How Siva achieves this is the remaining part of the story.

Prabhu does a neat job. Subhaleka Sudhakar is okay. Naga Chaitanya is not entirely convincing in the role of a tough gangster. He just manages to do an average job. Mukul Dev is watchable. Abhimanyu Singh does not show any sort of emotions. Ajay has done decent job and so is Kota. Ahuthi Prasad as the top cop fails to impress. The comedy track of Brahmanandam and MS Narayana falls flat. There is not much romance between the hero and the heroine Amala Paul.

There are very few positives in the film. Prabhu in the role of Kali is one. Other than that there is noting much to write about.

The story, screenplay direction and music.
Dull and routine fights.
Lack of emotional drama.
Poor comedy.

Bejawada is a poorly written story with a even poorly written screenplay and weak direction. The film fails on several counts and ends up as a big disappointment for all sections of the audiences. The title Bejawada is a misnomer as the film hardily deals with the real faction politics of the coastal city. The film is a simple revenge drama.

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