Saptagiri LLB Movie Review: A Winner Once Again!

    Saptagiri LLB, starring Saptagiri, has hit the theatres. Check out the movie review here.

    By Mayur Javali

    Star Cast: Saptagiri, Kashish Vohra, Saikumar, Shakalaka shankar, L.b.sriram
    Director: Charan Lakkakula


    Saptagiri (Saptagiri), who completes his LLB course, gets himself busy in resolving petty conflicts that crop up in the Village panchayat quite often but never turn up to the court. He decides to relocate himself to the urban side in order to gain exposure by taking up bigger cases.

    Saptagiri LLB Movie Review: A Winner!

    The not-so-experienced lawyer begins his journey of practice in an ocean where he would be attracted towards a hit and run case. Rajpal (Sai Kumar), a prominent lawyer in the town, argues and gets the case dismissed.

    An intrigued Saptagiri gets into the skin of the case and reopens it eventually making it a difficult pill to swallow for both Rajpal and his influential client. A usually adored Saptagiri, who is treated as a godly figure by the public will be a butt of their anger, after the young lawyer accepts bribe of Rs 20 Lakhs from Rajpal's client to forgo the case.

    Will Saptagiri realize his mistake? Will he bring upon justice? If so, how would he be successful in doing the same, forms the rest of the plot.


    Screen Treatment
    Court Scenes
    Sai Kumar's stellar performance
    Saptagiri's dance movements


    Familiar storyline


    This is the second attempt by comedian Saptagiri to become an on-screen leading hero after 'Saptagiri Express'. He has proved his all-round prowess of acting, dance and dialogue delivery in both of his movies and the last 40 minutes stand as a testimonial of his potential.

    Especially when you can compete with a mighty actor like Sai Kumar. It's not too easy to express both hush and varied emotions at a same time and he is pretty successful here.

    Saikumar, as usual, touches the mark with his distinctive performance. He has reprised the role of Boman Irani (Hindi) and Prakash Raj (Tamil) and has indeed delivered an on-par performance. Shiva Prasad is impressive with a convincing act while the heroine is ordinary.


    It is a tough job to remake stories like these and recreate the same magic. Even a slight change would deflect the magic portion in the movie and the whole flavour gets missed.

    Director, Charan has been successful in giving the best output and he needs to be accredited more. The court scenes have been made well and are effective.

    Music by Vijay doesn't make much impact as it appears to be speed breakers for the flow of the movie. Legendary writer duo, Parchuri Brothers, once again have proved their mark as to why they are deemed as the best in the business.


    Saptagiri LLB is a remake of Jolly LLB, which went on to become a huge hit in Bollywood and later was remade in Tamil as Manithan with Udayanidhi Stalin. The comedy, action and commercial elements which have been induced in Saptagiri LLB have been done artistically and has worked in favour of the movie.

    Saptagiri enthrals the audience with his exquisite dance moves and few of them in the opening song are indeed enjoyable. The director's vision of inclusion of few scenes for the entertainment quotient has worked in favour of the movie.

    The best of the movie is the insertion of farmer's element which was not part of the original version. Paruchuri brothers score over as they have been successful in painting an emotional touch to the same.

    Final Verdict

    Saptagiri wins in both courtrooms - the real one and the courtroom of the audience.

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