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Anjana speaks on <i>Jaana</i>

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Even though she does not have the backing of star parents or sugar daddies in the business, Anjana Sukhani has managed to do pretty decently for herself. She started off with a miniscule role in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and then graduated to films like Hum Dum and Sun Zarra. Now, she's all ready for her next release Salaam-e-Ishq and Jaana - Let's Fall in Love.

What is your next film Jaana - Let's Fall in Love all about?
It's a beautiful love story and very close to my heart. I play a wonderful character called Madhu. It's written by Shahrukh Mirza. The Mirza brothers have written amazing scripts like Kasme Waade and Love Story. They made films like Salaami and Mashooq in the early 90's. So obviously, it was a bonus to work with them. They have written such brilliant scripts and directed good films. Their sense of music too is wonderful and that's the reason I wanted to be a part of this film. The story is based in Nainital. It's about a boy called Raju and a girl named Madhu. They fall in love. Her whole transition from being a girl to a grown up woman was a challenge. I had lots of fun and gained a lot of experience while working on this film.

Tell us about your role. 

She is a very vivacious and lively girl. She would just go up to anybody and ask "Will you be my boyfriend for a day?" It could be anybody from a child to a disabled person. That's what my character is about. It's a character who has high energy and is full of life.

Do you relate to this character in real life?
Yes of course, because I am equally talkative. I like meeting new people. I can go up to people and strike up a conversation. I don't have any reservations about it.

How is Rehan Khan as a co star?
As a co-actor, he is wonderful. He is a very naughty boy. He loves to play pranks on people and he has got an amazing sense of humor. No one can get bored when he's on the sets. Professionally, I think he is a fabulous actor and dancer. He has come as a package because he has been trained in acting, action as well as dancing. When you come as a complete package, you are far more experienced in front of the camera. So that's the wonderful thing about him.

How was your rapport with him?
It was good because he used to completely bully me! At the same time, he made us laugh. That was the fun part of it! I have learnt a lot from him. He has attended acting classes that I haven't, so there were quite a few points that I picked up from him. The experience has been really nice.

The Mirzas are coming back to films with this movie. What made you take up this movie?
Like I said earlier, they are wonderful script writers. They have a great sense of humor. If they are launching their son, they would give the movie, more than 100%. So, that was an advantage. And honestly the script was beautiful. Films fail these days because they lack substance. The script is the hero. The performances as well in Jaana - Lets Fall In Love are wonderful. Plus, we have Zeenatji and Rajeshji coming back together after so long! That's one thing that people are looking forward to. Rajeshji had a phenomenal fan following which I am sure is still alive.

How was your experience with them?
It was fabulous. I learnt a lot from Rajeshji. He is very strong with his emotions. There are a few points that I learnt from him. Zeenatji helped me a lot in terms of beauty tips. She is still stunning, poised and very composed. I picked up a lot of tips from her.

Tell us something about the music.
There are five songs and one remix in the film. It's being played in the promo. It's called Dhire dhire hawa chal rahi hai which is a romantic song. Then there is a song called Yes I love you, a romantic song. There is one young song called Jana ek kahani suni. The youth will relate to it strongly.

What is the USP of the film?
As I said, it's the script. They have written a beautiful script. The script has given a lot of scope to the actors. There is comedy, drama, action as well as beautiful love moments. The actual hero of the film is its script.

Tell us about your other movie, Salaam-E-Ishq.
Yes, Salaam-E-Ishq is a film that I am doing next. It should come after Jaana. It's directed by Nikhil Advani. It has an amazing star cast. There is Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Anil Kapoor, Govinda, Juhi Chawla and myself. I am glad to be a part of it. I can't divulge too many details about the film.

How did you bag the movie?
Well, I just happened to be at the right place and at the right time. They were casting for the film. They were looking for a particular character and I went to meet them. They auditioned me. Nikhil gave me some scenes to perform. They also wanted to test my dancing skills. Then, they sent me for a photo-shoot to see if my look is perfect. So I went through a lot of stages to actually get the role.

What is your role in the movie?
I can't talk about it. I can say that it's a lovely character to play. I am paired opposite Anil Kapoor. I am really proud to be a part of the film.

How was it working with Nikhil Advani?
He is fabulous. He is so down-to-earth, calm and friendly. He is a very chilled out guy! He doesn't act like a boss but gives you a free hand to perform. There was a particular scene which I wanted to do in a particular way. He was ok with everything. He gave us freedom which was great.

The movie is a multi starrer. Do you think you have enough space for yourself?
Everyone has their own share, so I am not scared. In fact, I feel that since there are big actors in the film, I will get more recognition. All of them are big stars and I am on my way to becoming one.

Are you choosy about your roles?
It's very important. I should be able to relate to the characters. It could be a big or small film! That doesn't matter. There is no agenda to choose a particular role.

What kind of characters do you want to play in the future?
I am looking forward to doing a lot of comedies because I love the genre. There is so much stress in people's life and by watching such movies at least there is some change. They can go out and relax instead of stressing themselves with melodrama. That's the kind of roles I would like to do. At the same time, I also want to do emotional roles. It brings out the actor in you. I would like to balance both the sides.

Would you ever do an item song?
I don't mind doing a song that is shot well. I did a music video called Ghar Jayegi last year and the song did really well. So, I have no issues about doing a song in a film.

Your past two movies didn't do well. What do you think went wrong?
It's not one person's mistake. It's a group effort. Everyone gave their best. I can't say what really went wrong. Hum Dum did decent business; though it wasn't a super hit. But it completed 50 days. Whoever has seen it, has really liked it. I guess there were some issues with the publicity or with the release due to which the film couldn't make a mark.

How comfortable are you with skin-show in movies?
I don't think people are interested in seeing skin show anymore. We are over and done with that phase. Personally, I am not comfortable with it.

Would you ever kiss onscreen?
No. I want to get married and have children. I want a nice married life. I don't want all that jhanjat. I am not saying that I am against it. It might happen in the future. I don't know whether I'll do it or not. I don't think I would be comfortable with it.

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