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    <i>Bhagam Bhag</i> - Perfect 'masti'

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    It is surely going to be one fun filled Christmas - especially with the antics of Akshay Kumar, Govinda and Paresh Rawal promosing to get the house down. With Priyadarshan at the helm and regulars like Rajpal Yadav, Shakti Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Razzak Khan and Asrani promising to make the show one laugh riot, it would be fool hardy to even believe that Bhagam Bhag would indeed not be a roller coaster ride of the year!

    With 4 more weeks to go for the film's release, a fresh theatrical promo of the film is out which promises unadulterated 'masti' and 'mazaa' in true Priyadarshan style. Belonging to true blue comic genre with the subject giving all indications of a joyful ride that would have enough turns and twists to keep you glued on to the screens, Bhagam Bhag appears like a surefire hit!

    Opening shot of numerous colorful masks followed by paint brushes, designer hats and the backdrop of a red shimmering stage set the stage [pun intended] for a racy ride to begin. So tighten your seat belts as the lovable actors Bunty [Akshay Kumar] aur Babla [Govinda] get ready to apply the pancake in front of a large mirror. With Champak Seth [Paresh Rawal], the troupe's owner, messaging them about the show to begin, one knows what to expect from this moment on.

    Asrani is introduced as a show organizer who further gives the good news to Champak Seth that he would be taking his troupe to London for a multi-show contract. Scene jumps to London right away as the pace in the proceedings picks up. Glitzy surroundings, flashy roads, monumental buildings - everything about London just fills up the frame with a dash of color that deviates from the rustic feel seen in most Priyadarshan films.

    An announcement by Champak further adds on to the excitement as he gives the message loud and clear to Bunty and Babla - search for the heroine and become Hero No. 1! And now begins the chase of a lifetime.

    While Babla runs with a bag in his hand, Bunty runs behind him. Hugs and slaps follow all around as Tanushree Dutta [who plays a small role in the film] appears for a flash moment. There are some more funny moments involving the three principal protagonists of the film, which have vintage Priyadarshan stamp [read Hungama, Malamaal Weekly et al] clearly written over them.

    So far so ok. But the real masti begins when Razzak Khan and Shakti Kapoor [who plays local hoodlums] come on the frame. For vintage Shakti Kapoor fans, it is a boon as he speaks in his inimitable style with a slight 'totla' accent. Rajpal Yadav arrives on the scene too along with Sharat Saxena, another veteran actor, who has found a penchant for comedy over the years, and by now you are convinced that Bhagam Bhag is going to be yet another comic caper of the year which has all in it to succeed.

    Lara Dutta is introduced for a couple of moments too but action soon moves on to Govinda who is shown explaining to the cops about the confusion around some mixed up bags and identities. A chase begins followed by some more and then lots more with the twist in the tale coming in when Lara wakes up from amnesia and asks with an innocent face about her husband. Now this is the scene which takes the cake in the entire promo as Govinda, with almost a weepy face and a broken heart, asks her is she was indeed married since people were already in queue to 'try' their luck on her!

    Fun doesn't stop for a moment as the simplest of scenes are taken to a new height altogether due to sheer comic timing of Govinda and Akshay Kumar. Watch out for the one where Govinda is pressing the top of a briefcase down without realizing that Akshay's fingers are stuck in the middle! A hilarious spoof of Sholay comes where Razzak Khan a la Gabbar asks Askhay to give his legs to him. With Shakti Kapoor holding him from behind and the conversation that follows, it is surely going to get the house down.

    More and more chases on the busy streets and rivers along with crashes through sign boards follow in this mayhem that just doesn't have a single dull moment. There is Love [Akshay and Lara sharing some tender moments], Police [Jackie Shoff as a commissioner with an Indian origin arriving with his troupe in fancy police cars], Gangsters [Manoj Joshi, Sharat Saxena at their spoofy best], Hoodlums [Shakti Kapoor and Razaak Khan in an avtar which is loved most by the gentry], Mystery [there is a suspense element to the proceedings too which involves a murder and a drug deal] and Mayhem [which includes a lot of Bhagam Bhag, Priyadarshan ishtyle]!

    With each of the characters in the film lying down in a hospital while tied with bandages all around their body, the scene is given a comic timing, which seems to be designed for the post-climax of the film.

    Wanna witness all of this? Then book your holiday plans this Christmas and New Year season and get your seats reserved for this theatre on the run - Bhagam Bhag. And challenge yourself to catch them all if you can!

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