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Mimoh's Chakrabortys Bollywood debut

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    Courtesy: IndiaFM
    Thursday, June 01, 2006
    It's been almost twenty five odd years since Mithun Chakraborthy immortalized the character of Jimmy in the super-hit Disco Dancer. And now it's almost a nostalgic feeling to see his son, Mimoh portray a character of the same name, in the film Jimmy. As the young lad steps into Bollywood, let's hope for his sake, that history repeats itself.

    You will soon be making you debut in Bollywood. Let's talk about your role in the film Jimmy.
    I'm actually not allowed to say much about the character! I can tell you that I play a DJ who is also a car engineer. He is born to rectify cars. From morning to night, he is a car mechanic, whereas in the night, he is a DJ. So its two parts in one role!

    Your father had also played the role of Jimmy, years ago. Will we see any similarities?
    Only the name is the same. The characters are different.

    People still identify the name Jimmy with your father.
    Oh yes, definitely. Today also, if you go anywhere in Russia, people know my father as Jimmy. Jimmy is an important name in my life. I'm sure there will be comparisons with Disco Dancer, about which Jimmy is better. I can't say anything. It's up to the audience to decide.

    Tell us something about your relationship with your father.
    He is a father and a friend. When there is work, he can be a strict father. He is extremely professional and does not want to compromise on anything. He always tells me that if I have to become something, I have to give my 100%. He can't do anything for me. Whenever, I feel the need to talk, he is always there as a friend. He is very open-minded. We are very free in each other's company.

    Before signing a film, what are the factors that you take into account?
    I read the entire script. I want to see that the role that they are narrating to me is important in the film as a whole. I take tips from my father. If I like a role, I go and ask him for his advice. He gives me valuable advice. But the final decision is in my hands.

    So what is it that made you choose Jimmy?
    I think everything was good. In the first film itself, I get to play two characters i.e. a DJ and a car mechanic. Apart from that, I also play a son, friend, boyfriend and of course a hero! I get to dance, romance, fight and display emotions in one film. I never thought that I will get such a good opportunity. I think Jimmy is the perfect launch for me.

    Your father comes on your sets frequently to watch your shoots. How do you feel?
    It is an honor. While growing up, we always used to be on his film sets, watching him shoot. I can't express how happy I feel. It is like a dream when he visits me on the sets.

    With Mithun Chakraborthy being your father, do you think that you have an edge over others?
    I think him being my father will help me for my first film. In that sense people will go and watch me. They will want to see how good or bad I am. I have my surname which has a positive and negative side. The positive side of course is that people will want to watch me. The negative side is that there will be too many comparisons. I can't run away from the comparisons. I will have to face them. Mithun Chakraborthy has a style of his own. He can dance, fight and the works. To be compared with him is a little too much because he has done so much work. At the same time, the comparison will be helpful as well, since it will help me improve in the areas that I lack.

    Do you ever see people addressing Mithun as 'Mimoh's father' in the future?
    I can't even think of that right now. The fact that you are thinking about it is great for me!

    Are you, your mother or father's pet?
    Well, I think I am my mom's pet. Dad is my friend! I tell my mom everything that I feel. Their support is very important to me.

    After they watch your shots, what do they tell you?
    I always ask my mom, how my work is. She has been in the industry for a long time. When she says the shot is fine, I am more than happy.

    What would you like to tell your audience?
    We are all working very hard on this film. Be it the light man, artists or dancers, everyone is giving their 100 %. We all want the audience to be entertained. Right now, I don't want to be a star or actor, but just an entertainer. I want to be accepted. That's the biggest thing for a newcomer.

    Have you seen your mother's films?
    I feel too shy to watch her (Yogita Bali) on screen, because I am just not used to it. My mom wasn't working after we were born. Later, when I grew older and a film of hers would start on TV, I would just change the channel!

    Tell us something about the director of Jimmy, Raj Sippy?
    He is more like a brother to me. In spite of the age difference, there is no generation gap. He explains everything so well. For me as a newcomer, sometimes I don't understand things. But he explains everything so well. He is a veteran. He doesn't need to explain the scene twice. I can't take any credit for this film. It all goes to him.

    He has directed your father as well. How does that make you feel?
    My mom's first film was produced by N.N.Sippy. He did my dad's first film and now is doing my first film. So we have an old connection!

    What would you like to tell your fans?
    I don't know about 'fans' as such. I would like to tell the viewers that I am giving my best. I hope the result lives up to their expectations. I hope they all go and watch Jimmy. It is an engrossing film. And I hope that we are all your money's worth.

    Your dad also has a hotel business. Do you have any interest in that?
    Yes, I definitely have an interest. But films are my passion. My dad has a backup plan ready for me. This line is very unpredictable. Anything can happen here. No one can predict anything. He tells me that if I don't click here, I have three hotels, a college and a school to choose from! So I have a Plan B. When I stand on my own feet, I want to take up my dad's responsibilities. Then, I will tell him to enjoy while I will take up the responsibilities.

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