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Promo Watch: <i>The Quest</i>

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Amol Palekar has earlier made films on sexuality based themes like Daayra and Anaahat. With his first English film Quest he completes his trilogy on the subject.

A film starring Mrinal Kulkarni and having alternate sexuality as the backdrop. The trailer begins when the leading lady finds out that her husband is having a homo-sexual relationship behind her back and decides to leave him. What follows is the different reactions of the situation from various people.

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- What does he really want? Just thrills on the side or is he serious?

- If the third person was a man why did you feel threatened?

- We live like you except that we love someone of the same sex.

- And in the midst of it all the husband goes - I didn't intend to cheat on her.

In its 30-second duration the trailer might not be flashy enough to grab your attention but it succeeds in conveying its message.

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