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Hearty chat with Abhishek... Contd

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What about Preity?
Preity is very natural in her performance. The best thing about Preity is that she looks after her co-stars when they are in front of the camera. She was constantly assuring that my make up's okay and if my hair was out of place, she would correct it and get the shot cut. It's wonderful to work with co-actors who take such good care of you because usually we actors are very selfish. We look at ourselves and are bothered only about our own performances. Preity looks at a film entirely and she has no problems with other actors. Being on the sets with such a huge star cast can be intimidating, but she is so cool about it and so helpful contradictory to the whole bubbly, young teenage kind of a girl image. She is really like a mother. She takes care of everyone, feeds everyone, makes sure everyone has eaten, suggests good restaurants and says things like- 'this is how we should do the shot', 'lets work it out like this' and 'rehearse together'. She just loves to rehearse and you will not come across many actors who would like to do that and put in the kind of work she does. She works very hard to achieve a natural performance that comes out of her. She is great fun and I am very happy that she is a part of the film. She adopted what we call the right attitude that Shaad wanted on the sets which I was a bit concerned because I had worked with Shaad in the past. So I was not too sure if the other actors would understand Shaad's style of working and the kind of atmosphere and the environment he likes on the sets. But Preity came right into the deep belt and she just blended in and she was one of the guys. It was great and yet another wonderful performance by her. I am so glad that the whole team came so well together.

What is it like working in a multi starcast film as opposed to a solo?
I prefer an ensemble cast any day. I think it's very lonely and boring to be standing alone in front of the camera delivering dialogues. The more, the merrier. I feel very lucky that I get to work with all of them. Everybody gets along so well, it's like a family and great fun.

Five words to describe Jhoom Barabar Jhoom?
You need a lot more than five words to describe Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. You can't describe Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, it's just everything. I have never come across a film like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. One cannot classify or label Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. It is simply outstanding.


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