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"Dhoka is my first political film" : Mahesh Bhatt

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By: Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The film Dhokha which you've written sounds an alarmist note about the isolation of Muslims in India. But it's a reality brought on by the delaying tactics of the bureaucracy and the apathy of the police force. And not just after communal riots and post 9/11, this has been the case for a very long time. But the apathy has been legitimized after King Bush turned his guns on the Muslims. I feel the worst terrorist in the world doesn't live in Afghanistan. He lives in the White House. It's sad that our country has chosen to tie our apron strings to his policies. I shudder to think what price we'll have to pay for our affinity to Bush. I guess slavery comes in very attractive packages. The affluent elite have legitimized this kind of slavery. I'm willing to hang Osama on the streets of Mumbai provided you first let me hang Bush. According to me they're both terrorists of the worst kind.

Your writing in Dhokha is patently political?
Dhokha is my first political film which I've co-written with Shagufta Rafiq. As a Muslim she shares the dread and fears the Indian Muslim.

Do you feel Islam is being misinterpreted?
Islam is a religion that doesn't condone the massacre of the innocent. Once the Prophet was asked what"s the most blessed thing. He answered, to tell the truth to the oppressive ruler. Dhokha shows the mirrors to those brutes posing as custodians of Islam. It also put the State in the dock. Historically, the State is the primary violator of human rights. First the State has to do some soul-searching before taking on terrorism. There cannot be peace without justice.

Did you foresee censor trouble for Dhokha?
No, I've seen a shift in the censorial mind during the last ten years. They've become more liberal since my Zakhm in 1998. I'd like to believe this is a different India. People are allowed to speak their minds. But the censors are more cautious about political themes. Dhokha sides with sane values.

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