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    Neetu Chandra on <i>Traffic Signal</i>

    By Super Admin

    After being one of the glam girls in Priyadarshan's Garam Masala, Neetu Chandra has graduated to playing the realistic role of a cloth selling girl in Madhur Bhandarkar's highly anticipated real life drama, Traffic Signal.

    How hard was it to play such a realistic character in Traffic Signal?

    It was not that difficult as I just needed to do some hard work. But being the main lead in the movie, I had great responsibilities on me. Rani, my character is a girl from Gujarat who had great dreams but ends up selling clothes on the road.

    What kind of home work did you do for this role?

    I did work a lot on the role. In fact, I sat near a traffic signal with the Kathiawaadi girls selling clothes. I did extensive research and have learned their way of talking. So I have done a good amount of home work before I set out playing this character.

    Your interaction with your co-stars and your overall experience in the movie?

    I mostly shot with Kunal because I never had a single scene with Konkona Sen. As for Kunal, he is a very good person and I was comfortable working with him. It was really fun working with Madhur Bhandarkar. I had heard people say that he is very serious. But the truth is that he is fun loving, approachable and gives freedom to actors.

    Your first movie was a Hindi movie Garam Masala, then you did a Telugu film and then again a Hindi movie. So finally, which are the kinds of movies that you want to do more?

    There is nothing like being in Hindi or Telugu movies as language is no barrier for me. I did a Telugu movie as the script was good and the director is a national award winner, but right now I am keen on doing more of Hindi movies.

    You seem to be lucky enough as your first movie itself was under a huge and a famous banner. And Traffic Signal is quite big too.

    Yes, I do feel blessed. But according to me luck alone does not work. One needs to put in lots of hard work. I did so, I did my share of hard work and then yes, got lucky.

    So there was no struggle then?

    There is no word as struggle for me. One needs to be hard working and give their best and it is the same for me. But yes I have been a little lucky for that matter.

    How is Neetu Chandra in real life?

    I am very simple girl from Patna , but hard working and a thorough professional. I believe in giving my best shot and am basically a simple and honest girl.

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