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      B-Town babes say no to girl-on-girl kiss


      Hollywood actress Charlize Theron recently kissed a woman at a charity event to raise $1,40,000. When we asked our B-Town actresses if they'd liplock with another woman for a good cause, everyone had the same response NO! Chicken? No, they are entitled to decide who to pucker up for. But most of the actresses were so scandalised by our questions that they sealed their lips shut!

      Here's what we asked:

      Will you kiss a woman for charity?

      To what lengths can you go for charity to raise money for your favourite cause?

      Will you kiss a woman on the lips for a great film and role?

      Here is what the 'bindaas' babes said...

      Bipasha Basu

      No I won't kiss any woman for any amount. I will do what I can do on a professional level. I will either directly give them money, perform (shows) or do an appearance. I will do what suits my convenience. And I will even not kiss a girl for a role.

      Kareena Kapoor

      What Charlize did was really cool but our social values are different and it would become more of a national sensation than a charitable cause if I kissed a woman on her lips. But as it's charity and the money is going to a good cause I can kiss her on her cheeks. To raise money for a cause I would do things but within limitations because I have a certain responsibility towards my family and towards the man I am in a relationship with. I can do stuff like walking the ramp to raise money, auctioning some of my designer outfits etc. And I won't kiss a girl for a role.

      Katrina Kaif

      I wouldn't kiss a woman. I have suggested to my managers many times that we can do stuff like auctioning dinner dates for corporate companies etc. In fact when I was voted as the sexiest woman for FHM magazine I had suggested auctioning for a dinner date. There can be chaperones for such dates so that things don't go out of hand. I would definitely love to do something like that for my mom's charity like a live dinner date. One doesn't need to go overboard like kissing etc. Charlize comes from a different social set-up. I wouldn't even kiss a woman for a film.

      Shilpa Shetty

      No way! After getting kissed from Richard Gere I won't risk a kiss with a woman not even for charity. It's a dangerous in India! Abroad I had participated in the Silver Star Appeal charity in London where the highest bidder got a kiss on his cheek from me and gave lot of money. A woman had bid for me but when she won the bid she said her husband was a huge admirer of mine so she wanted him to kiss me but then it wasn't on the lips. I wouldn't kiss anybody on the lips. I don't look at what length I can go to for charity it's the intent that matters. If the intent is good then it's fine. As for a role in a film I can't kiss a guy on his lips how can I do with a girl? Aur abhi (after her engagement to Raj Kundra) toh kabhi nahi!

      Mugdha Godse

      Yes, I would kiss a woman on the lips but it would depend on who I am kissing and for what charity. As far as doing anything for charity is concerned, I'd kiss a woman or anybody as it'd be for a great cause. I would do shows and appearances but I don't understand the term auctioning myself as we don't sell ourselves. Yes I can kiss a woman on the lips in a film if it's a great script, banner, director and goes with the flow of the story. An actor can't have reservations about doing anything. That's what makes us rise above a script to give an award-winning performance.

      Those who didn't reply...

      Sonam Kapoor

      Her publicist said she's shooting (we waited for two days) and couldn't reach her for her quotes. Really now that is busy! As far as we know, she is only shooting for her home production.

      Priyanka Chopra

      Her publicist first said she was sleeping as she was down with food poisoning (PC kept sleeping for hours and hours) and the next day her publicist sent a message requesting that Priyanka be excused from commenting on this story.

      Kangana Ranaut

      Her publicist was very keen on knowing which other actresses were being featured in the story. Doesn't seem to be this picky when it comes to her men.

      Lara Dutta

      Didn't bother to revert back at all. Too busy twittering and has forgotten how to use her phone to text back.

      Deepika Padukone

      Didn't bother to revert back at all. That's okay. We'd remain undercover too if we were nursing a broken heart.


      Didn't bother to revert back at all. Too busy doing ad films and making moolah to pay attention to such silly queries.

      Vidya Balan

      Didn't bother to revert back at all. Will probably wait to see the response to the liplock with Arshad Warsi in Ishqiya before she decides on her next step.

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