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A special and hearty thanks to Shahrukh Khan: Vaishali Desai

By: Nabanita Maji
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She is a true Bangalore girl by heart. Hailing from a Bollywood family, the Kal Kissne Dekha actress Vaishali Desai is all set to make her come back in Bollywood with her much-awaited comedy movie Tukka Fitt. During a chit chat with Nabanita Maji from Oneindia, Vaishali spoke about her journey from the ramps till making it finally in Bollywood.

How does it feel like to be a part of a genius like Manmohan Desaiji's family?

He is my grand uncle, my big dad and I am the fourth generation who is in the films. He was a genius and definitely it's a matter of pride for me to be a part of his family. He was the king of masala entertainment, so it's fantabulous to come from such a family.

The film Om Shanti Om was a kind of tribute to your grand uncle Manmohan Desai. Would you like to thank Shahrukh and Farah Khan, specially?

Definitely, yes. I want to thank Shahrukh, Farah and Sajid Khan a tons. In fact, it would be better if I could be a part of their films. It would be my pleasure.

How did Kal Kissne Dekha happen?

The film's director Vivek Sharma is a family friend. Kal Kissne Dekha was his launch film with Vashu Bhagnani. I went with mama to meet Vivek at his office. Vivek asked me if I could play the lead actress in the film. I accepted the offer. In short, it all happened very quick.

Tell us something about your upcoming film Tukka Fitt

Tukka Fitt is a comedy film. There are 30 actors in the film and I am the only leading lady in the film. I can't say more about it, but I am playing the lead female opposite Mahaakshay Chakraborty. I have just completed the film, but the release date has not been finalised yet.

What prompted you to take a long break between Kal Kissne Dekha and Tukka Fitt?

Yes, it was almost three years that I had vanished from the limelight. I have been working since 2005. I did ramp shows as a model, then went up to Miss India pageant and then finally Kal Kissne Dekha happened, so I wanted a break. Also, the other reason for the long hiatus, I was waiting for the right Bollywood script to come along my way and finally Tukka Fitt happened.

Are you a very reclusive person? You are not even a part of any such controversies, unlike other stars.

I'm not an introvert, but I do not prefer publicising my personal life. It is true that I am not that much social like the other stars. But, now that Tukka Fitt is coming my way, I will be in the news from now on. Now you can see a lot of me all over. In fact, I'm recently on social networking sites and do interact with my fans. But yes, no controversies for me at any cost.

Bollywood and Controversies go hand in hand. What's your view on this?

I feel that every star needs to have a mystery element in them, then only people will be more curious to know about their favourite stars. As far as controversies are concerned, they are at times made up intentionally. Every star has their own strategy to achieve success. Controversy is one such strategy, that sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. But, I am not sure how long does these controversies work in a long run career.

Do you think the entry of the International models in Bollywood has somewhere jeopardised the position and career of the Indian models in the industry?

In a way, it has affected the Indian models. But, at the end of the day, talent matters and nothing else. Nationality doesn't really matter. Indians have talent, but we look for Western women. We should look into our own Indian talents.

Would you like to be a part of reality shows?

Yes, I would love to do dance shows like Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Would you like to strip for films?

Well, it's a difficult question. I won't say 'Yes' nor even a 'No.' It depends actually.

Your upcoming projects.

I do have a few projects lined up as of now. But, it is too initial and early to talk about it now.

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