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Brothers Trailer: 15 Power Packed Scenes That'll Knock You Out!

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Brothers trailer which released today has left the audience gasping for breath. The action, romance, hate and love scenes are all so captivating that fans can't wait for the movie to release.

Directed by Karan Malhotra, Brothers, releasing on 14th August 2015 is the official remake of Hollywood flick Warrior and we can say that this desi version will be bigger and better than the original.

Not just us, the lead actor of the film, Akshay Kumar who lost a whopping 17 kilos for this film says that the Hindi version will be better than the original.

Apart from Akshay, the film also stars Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah. Speaking about his co-star Akshay told at the launch that Sidharth's acting in the movie has shocked him.

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He said, "Sidharth has done this character so brilliantly that I am stunned, I don't think even he knows how he has performed. He has worked more than me. I am shocked, he has worked day and night at the gym and made his character look very real."

In return of all this compliments, Sidharth said, "I would like to learn Punjabi from Akshay, he cracks a lot of non veg jokes on the sets."

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The duo have stunned us with their powerful performances in the movie, check out the power packed scenes in the movie that will surely knock you out.

Akshay's Rope Trick

The scene where Akshay does this rope training, looks like an easy thing to do, but trust us it is not!

Sidharth Working Out

This scene where Sidharth starts working out using this humongous machine that made our jaws drop.

Pull Ups

This power packed scene where Sidharth Malhotra is seen going pull ups, for female fans, it is more of a hot scene than power packed one.

Akshay's Fight

This realistic street fight scene where Akshay knocks his opponent down within minutes.

Sidharth's Training

Sidharth Malhotra has truly worked out a lot for this movie, this scene where he is training is truly breathtaking.

Akshay's Boxing

This boxing scene where Akshay jumps on the guy, holds his hands using his legs and breaks his bones.

Akshay Vs Sidharth

This high intensity fighting scene between Sidharth Malhotra and Akshay Kumar is definitely packed with a lot of power and managed to knock us out easy.

Knock Out

Sidharth jumps over his opponent, like he is climbing a tree, and knocks him out with an elbow punch, a scene that is not to be missed.


Another workout scene of Sidharth Malhotra from the Brothers movie, where is working out for the upcoming fight.

Killer Punch

Sidharth who took martial art training for this movie is seen punching the tires like he was eating a piece of cake.


This scene where Akshay's legs are in the bucket and using just his hands he rotates his legs 180 degrees.

Akshay's Pull Ups

If Sidharth had a style of doing pull ups then Akshay Kumar is no less who uses rings to hold on to and performs a difficult exercise.

Emotionally Power Packed

This scene where Jackie Shroff hits Shefali Shah is emotionally power packed and is the root cause for all the hatred between the brothers.

Jackie Shroff

This scene too is a power packed one but of a different level, the actor has a emotional breakdown and Sidharth holds him tight so that he doesn't harm himself.

Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra pushes a huge heavy tire and displays his strength. He gets trained by his father to become a boxer.

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