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    Amisha says her boyfriend is not gay

    By By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

    Amisha Patel and her beau Kanav Puri have been in splits ever since an e-mail has been in circulation since last week alleging Kanav's 'gay' preferences. The couple feels some- one is deliberately trying to create mischief by doing so. The e-mail sent by one Natasha Rodrigues reads, "Recently, I came across this article about actress Amisha Patel's London-based businessman boyfriend Kanav Puri on the internet. This is an article which was printed on the internet in July, 2004 before he and Amisha fell hopelessly in love.

    This is the true picture of Kanav who is a gay or may be now is a bisexual since he met Amisha and is now seeing her. Maybe Amisha is just a front for him to keep his parents happy as he is their only son and the heir to their business empire." The actress says, "Kanav and me were highly entertained by the article. It livened up a really dull day! This whole gay thing is hilarious! Trust me, Kanav is not gay. I should know," she giggles and adds, "We are intrigued that someone is so obsessed with us, knows things about both us, that even we don't. It was very entertaining. Vikram (Bhatt) has never been to Wharton; forget about studying there."

    The e-mail further states, " Amisha Patel dumped poor Vikram Bhatt after he supported her for three years. Her parents had emptied her bank accounts and left her without anything. Vikram gave her shelter, care, food, understanding, expensive gifts, diamonds and exquisite holidays abroad, taking her out to various restaurants and protection and that is what he got in return. When Amisha's professional life and personal too with Vikram was on track, she bought a 4BHK penthouse and another 2 BHK house, one in Hyderabad too and all the frills that go with it."

    Ameesha says, "The girl seems to know more than me. Vikram's a sweet chap and a good friend. I had bought the 4BHK penthouse five years ago when I was dating Vikram. In fact, Vikram's mom had arranged for the pandit who did the griha- pravesh for the flat. It is me and only me who supports myself. Whatever I own today is through my hard work.

    By God's grace, I have the ability to and have always been financially independent. Vikram has never given me expensive gifts. But my other friends and he emotionally supported me when I didn't have a dime to my name. I don't need anybody to support myself. Anyways this is all too petty to even discuss."

    The last allegation made against Kanav in the e-mail says, "Wonder how you guys have not dug out any info about his past and the fact that he was seeing one Priya Sachdev Chatwal who is now married to Vikram Chatwal?" Amisha says in her forthright manner, "If Kanav was dating Priya, big deal! I knew that. Even I was seeing Vikram at some point. Kanav and I have always been honest in our relationships, including our past ones and don't see any reason to hide them."

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