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Trump Card- Review

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The plot of the film revolves around a huge transaction of property which leads to murders and sting operations and spy work. Young people get involved in order to make quick money and using girls, love and friendship. Trump Card is a suspense action thriller in which people are murdered for a specific cause. Everyone is disillusioned and clueless trying to find who is the killer and for what is he getting the murders done one after another?? Is the motive MONEY?

Rahul, Raj and Veer are three college friends who get 300 crores each from Rani Yashodhra Devi's 'Will' but there's a clause which states that if one friend is missing the amount will be divided into two but if 2 are missing then the entire amount of Rs.900 crores would go to the only survivor and if all the 3 are not found then all the amount would be transferred to Mr. Malhotra's N.G.O.

"AKSHAR". The question arises as to why Rani Yashodhra Devi gave such a big chunk of her wealth to these 3 college friends and not to any one if her relatives. It's quite strange? Veer's friend Ruby wanted to warn them that their life is in danger but before she could spill the beans, she was murdered. Finally in the climax the mystery is disclosed and the Trump card is revealed to everyone's Shock!

Director Arshad Khan is just not capable enough of holding the film together with his immature handling. Though his shot-taking is nice, his grasp on drama is poor. However, had there been a little more known stars than completely new set of actors, the film would have made for a decent watch. But it"s a complete let down thanks to the amateurish treatment. Music (Lalit Sen) is below-par. Cinematography (Shakeel Ansari) is fair and action sequences are well picturised.

The acting by the newcomers however is decent with Pankaj in particular doing a good job. Vikrum Kumar too performs well. The actor playing Veer is passable. Among the girls, Yashika appears confident while Urvashi Chaudhary and Mansi Dovhal are average. Vikas Anand, Ehsan Khan, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Deepak Chaddha, Shashi Sharma and others lend adequate support. Trump Card is a complete waste of time, that should be better left alone!

Starring: Vikrum Kumar, Pankaj, Manasi Dovhal, Urvashi Chowdhury and Yashika

Director: Arshad Khan

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