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      Raaz 3: Movie Review

      Still from Raaz 3
      Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, Jacqueline Fernandez
      Director: Vikram Bhatt

      It is said when the almighty refuses to help some of his children, they try out an evil way to grab their dreams. And this greed gives birth to evils like blackmagic, tantras and voodoo. But, with the advent of modernity, the learned lot of our country have gradually lost their beliefs in the existence of such evils. Keeping the Indian psyche in mind, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has made an earnest attempt with his latest release Raaz 3 to bring the real-life dilemma of actors to the silver screen, based on blackmagic and tantrik formulas. Raaz 3 is an amalgamation of jealousy, conflict, thrill, sexuality and supernatural elements that provide with a spine-thrilling saga.


      The story of Raaz 3 revolves around an actress Shanaya (Bipasha Basu), whose rocketing career takes a nose dive when the young actress Sanjana (Esha Gupta) makes her debut. When she witnesses that she's getting replaced in every aspect by Sanjana, she decides to win back her glory. It is then that Shanaya turns to black magic and makes it her goal in life to destroy Sanjana. When Shanaya's director boyfriend Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) realises his girlfriend's ill-motive, he leaves her for Sanjana. This was possibly the biggest blow that Shanaya couldn't digest. What next? Hold your breath as Shanaya's vengeance against Sanjana is not just due to her fading stardom or boyfriend. Here lies a secret behind the two actresses' past relationship. What's that? Watch the film to learn the suspense. Raaz 3 has a strong story-line. It exposes the cruel truth of glamorous life in B-town, where celebrities are prone to publicity, recognition, award and superior feelings.


      For all the Bipasha Basu detractors out there, BE AWARE....the Bengal tigress is back with a bang! Bipasha as a fading actress, is outstanding in the film. She is the real hero and the show stealer. So far, we have seen Bipasha adding only the 'hotness' factor in films, but Raaz 3 is sure to change your perception. Bipasha goes an unconventional way and illustrates a commanding character of a fading star, who was catapulted to fame. Some of the best scenes in the first half show a stardom-hungry Bipasha's craze, pain and her desperation to dethrone Esha. Each of her profound expressions, psyche behaviour and arrogance as a star adds extra points to Raaz 3.

      When it comes to Emraan Hashmi, the Bhatts have yet again given this serial kisser the golden chance to get onto bed with the two hotties! Well, jokes aside... Emraan does justice to his role. But unfortunately, he gets overshadowed by Bipasha's strong act and larger-than-life screen presence. Esha Gupta is average, not as brilliant as Bips. She is more a 'zinda laash' in the movie and badly lacks some good expressions.

      Vikram Bhatt dishes out a horror flick with some impressive scary moments and a superlative act by Bipasha Basu.

      Ups and downs:

      Talking about the horror part in the film, we definitely aren't scared to death, but yes, there are scenes that might make you break into a cold sweat. Especially, certain horrific screams and cries in the movie might give you goosebumps. The Bhatt camp excels when it comes to titillating skin shows and sex scenes. But, the intimate scenes between Bipasha and Emraan look half-hearted and half-baked. The film's 3D effect adds the horrifying factor, especially the scene, where Esha's servant commits suicide by hanging herself to death, which is scary. We cannot miss the coackroach scene, where Esha goes nude in order to save herself. It is surely the best one.

      Music fails:

      Raaz 3 music fails to live up to the standards of the esteemed Bhatt banner, which is known for churning out hit soundtracks. Tracks like 'Rafta rafta', 'Deewana kar raha hai', 'Zindagi se' are soothing, melodious, but not impressive. Even the peppy number 'Kya raaz hai' fails to save the music part in the film. The negative factor in the film was that there wasn't any connection between the songs and scenes. Moreover, every single track looked forced and unsuitable for the respective scenes. Few of a times in the second half, the movie falls flat, but picks up its pace towards the climax.


      On the whole, Bipasha Basu is both a hero and villain in the movie. She not only breathes life into her own character, but also does a bravado act by carrying the entire movie on her own shoulders. This time, Bips has given a serious chase for money to the other B-Town beauties, with her smashing performance. So, watch Raaz 3 for Bips!

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