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Most Anticipated Movies Of 2016!

Written By: Nirmalraj
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    Movie are always a pleasure to watch. Some of the movies inspire us, some leave us in the dark abyss of thoughts, some scare us, some warm our hearts. So many different kinds of movies, yet each genre is enjoyable in its own way.

    This year there are quite a lot of movies to expect. Fans are the ones that make movies popular, they carry the movie forward and beyond. This year, there are certain movies that everyone is looking forward to.

    Here's the list of most anticipated movies of 2016.

    Captain America: Civil War

    Easily, the Billion dollar box office collection movie is about to hit the theaters on May 6, heroes vs heroes, good vs good. This movie is built on the epic clash between two superheroes and the devastating outcome will leave the fans heavy hearted. This movie is said to be on a darker tone compared to other Marvel movies.

    Independence Day: Resurgence

    It has been thirty years since they first attacked earth. Now after thirty years they are back again, this time to conquer us all, by any means. We had time to prepare for this eventuality, but so did they. Both the alien race and the human race are on the verge of an epic showdown.Who will rise, who will fall, who gets to live to see another day, who dies heroically? We have to wait and see when it hits the theaters on June 24.


    This year has something for everyone. While the comic book fans are excited about their favorite heroes battling out in the movies, like Deadpool, Batman Vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War, gaming fans get to see the very first live-action movie of Warcraft.

    The massive hit franchise Warcraft is from the Blizzard Entertainment. The movie follows the story of humans and their encounter with outlandish orcs . The film is set the hit theaters first on May 25th.

    Finding Dory

    Kids can spend the summer by joining the local theaters in the epic search for Dory! Kids love animated movies and sometimes adults too. This Disney movie after the hit franchise of Finding Nemo has come out with the third installment for the kids. The movie follows Dory who has short term memory loss and is lost in the sea. Swim along to help find Dory her home. Camps open on June 17th.

    X-men: Apocalypse

    With Marvel success with Avengers, X-men ensemble has also produced the success it wanted. The eighth movie from the X-men series tells the tale of an ancient mutant who causes havoc in modern day world. Our heroes should once again unite together to defeat the all powerful mutant who considers himself to be God! The movie hits the theaters on May 27th.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

    If you thought first movie had a fitting ending and that the story ended there, you were wrong, the first movie was only the beginning of the disaster about to hit the town in the sequel. Many characters remain the same with addition of a few other characters to the crew. The movie is set to hit the theaters on June 3rd.

    Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Fans would be delighted to hear that the 13th installment of hit franchise and the successfully running TV-series is about to hit the theaters in July. Captain Kirk by Chris Pine, Spock by Zachary Quinto are reprising their roles once again and a few others have made it to the final cut of

    Angry Birds

    Another game made into a movie is about to catapult their way to the big screens on May 20th. The hit game franchise by Rovio which developed games for smartphones has come out with an animated movie of the same name. Before the movie was produced, angry birds had a mini series featuring all the game characters in it. The mini series was a huge hit, so the movie is likely to do good in the theaters as well.

    Suicide Squad

    DC's second movie of the year with such a huge expectation after Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is the Suicide Squad. A bunch of deadly criminals are assembled to carry out one last mission to save humanity from the hands of the evil. The mission requires ruthless killers and the casualties may be staggering. So the world's most deadliest criminals set out to finish this suicide mission and they bring hell to earth.

    Doctor Strange

    An avid comic fan would be aware of the psychic superhero from the marvel universe called Doctor Strange. His story is fascinating and definitely needs to be told. Doctor Strange is a stand alone movie which will eventually tie up with other marvel movies and all characters come together for the infinity wars which is set to hit the theaters in 2019.

    Other movies that are to be watched out for, are Star Wars: Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

    We are sure that the above list of movies are quite impressive and will surely keep us occupied throughout the year. This year particularly has too many good movies and what a time it is to be a comic book geek.

    The movies are surely expected to cross the biggest sales collections and the box-offices flooded with super hero movies and other fantasy movies. Do hit the theatres and watch them and enjoy watching movies once again.

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