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      Why Logan Director James Mangold Is Not A Fan Of Superhero Films?

      By Monojit

      Director James Mangold has deliberately produced Logan in a different tone than a typical superhero film, and that has created such a ripple in Hollywood that it has been regarded as one of the best entries in superhero movie genre in the recent times.

      However, the director himself said that he is not a fan of the superhero genre and that he does not like the self-exaggeration of human beings beyond its stipulated capacity which is being sold as the heart and matter of all superhero movies.

      James Mangold

      Talking about superhero film, James Mangold said, "Tentpole movies in general, they are not movies, generally. They are bloated exercises in two-hour trailers for another movie they are going to sell you in two years."

      "There are so many characters that each character gets an arch of about six and a half minutes at best, and I'm not exaggerating." Said the director.

      "You take 120 minutes, you take 45 of it for action, what are you left with, divide it by six characters, you have the character arc of Elmer Fudd in a Warner Brothers cartoon. That formula is empty for me." James Mangold added further.

      After Logan, James Mangold is now busy working on an NYPD cop TV drama titled The Force.

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