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Bigg Boss: Chandrika-Nikita's war creates factions

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Chandrika and Nikita may not have had fights in the recent weeks, but it seemed like they have been clearly waiting for the right opportunity to take on each other. The two warring inmates had a bitter fight on Wednesday's (June 12) episode and the house seemed to be divided with the latest development.

All was well in the latest task about 'a hunter and animals'. But it took a serious turn when Bigg Boss tried to modify the game by asking Nikita, who was playing the role of a monkey, to escape from the hunter and assigned her to bail out other animals played by Narendra Babu Sharma (Elephant), Arun Sagar (Lion) and Vijay Raghavendra (Bear).

The trouble brewed between Chandrika (Hunter) and Nikita over some rules. The first fight did not last long and appeared like they could calm themselves. But the second fight almost got physical with both the actresses exchanging heated verbal abuses.

In fact, Chandrika brought her son's debate once again and that irked the inmates. Adding to that she recalled some other earlier incidents, which irked all the other inmates. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

Vijay Brought Into The War

Chandrika, who has been having a secret war with Vijay Raghavendra, unnecessarily brought him to her personal war with Nikita. As Vijay supported Nikki, Chandrika got irked and accused him of displaying unfair attitude.

Shweta Pandit-Vijay's Connection

All of a sudden, Nikita's war took a backseat and Chandrika and Vijay were in the middle of a new battle when the actress accused the actor of hurting Shweta Pandit physically in one of the earlier tasks.

Chandrika's statement angered Vijay - the man who is known as Mr Cool in the house, warned her not to talk rubbish and he had not hurt Shweta. Before it got too serious, they both fall silent.

Bigg Boss Intervenes

The task was halted following the battle and Bigg Boss intervened to calm both of them. He also asked Chandrika to ask sorry to Nikita. The duo, after being advised to continue the task, tried to bury it, but the differences continued to appear even then.

Arun's Neutral Stand

Arun Sagar, who did not support Chandrika during the crisis, was seen giving moral support to the actress. He asked her to calm down and play the game with good spirits.

Narendra Babu Sharma Won't Play The Game

Narendra Babu Sharma made a surprising stand as he stood by Nikita in this episode. He also decided not to participate in the show for no reason. Later, he was seen telling Bigg Boss that he can't play the game and his legs have started paining again. In his usual way, he asked the boss to relieve him from the house.

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