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Bigg Boss: Day 49-50 Highlights

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The Bigg Boss game show, which was started in late March, has reached the half-way mark successfully. Arun Sagar, Chandrika, Nikita Thukral and Vijay Raghavendra are the initial contestants who have survived till date.

Nurse Jayalakshmi was eliminated from the house last weekend, and she nominated Anushree and Rohan Gowda for the next week elimination. The Bigg Boss gave a secret task to Anushree on day 49. The latest task gave her an opportunity to escape from the elimination. But she failed in the task.

According to the task, Anushree should make all the contestants to vote her out during the elimination process, unfortunately, she lost it by one vote as Arun Sagar did not cast his vote against her. Hence, she is in the danger zone.

Anushree successfully managed the contestants to vote against her. The actress, who is close with Arun Sagar, Vijay Raghavendra and Nikita, acted well and made them to get irritated on her. She had picked the last week elimination issue and tried to make them feel guilty for not standing by her side. Her insecurity and making issue-out-of-nothing attitude made Vijay and Nikki to vote against her.

On the other end, it was easy for Anushree to make Chandrika, Rohan and Rishika to vote against her. She displayed some fake feeling and picked small fights with some of them which made Chandrika, Rohan and Rishika to cast their vote against her.

Arun Sagar Cries...

The change in behaviour of Anushree made Arun Sagar cry. The latter was trying hard to make her eat food, but she continued to ignore it. This made Arun to weep. Well, Anushree too could not see it and she went up crying to a camera and was seen saying to Bigg Boss that she could not see tears in his eyes.

Rishika Singh's Fights Continue...

Rishika Singh and Anushree had a verbal exchange. When Rishika was seen talking in English, Anushree pointed her out to speak in Kannada. This irritated her and she got into a serious argument with Anushree.

Chandrika-Nikita's Never Ending Fight?

Chandrika and Nikita had enough differences and fights in the house. And they had decided not to cross the line. Well, once again they had a small fight for a silly issue. Before the situation could turn serious, inmates asked them stop the argument.

Mother's Day Celebration

Bigg Boss surprised contestants by playing Mother's Day messages from the respective moms of the inmates. Arun Sagar, Anushree, Vijay Raghavendra and Nikita's mother wished their children. Later in the day, the housemates were part of a small game named Golden Rose, which was won by Anushree.

Anushree-Rohan And Sharma In Danger Zone

Anushree and Rohan Gowda were pushed to danger zone by Nurse Jayalakshmi. The actress missed out an opportunity to save herself after failing in the secret task. However, in the nomination process, Narendra Sharma too got five votes for the nomination and he was visibly happy with it.

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