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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 75 Highlights


The quest for the post of house captain took a very tiring turn for the participants. While Guruprasad gave up very early, the rest kept on with the task. It was one of the most difficult task given so far and the participants were soon facing lot of stress and pain in the legs.

Emotions run high

Srujan took Anupama's help to get his shoe lace tied. Akul objected to this and started an argument. A heated argument between Akul, Srujan, Shwetha and Neetu went for few mins. Anupama being in charge of the game intervened and tried to pacify everyone. In the meantime Deepika decided to give up because of exhaustion.

The task gets over

After Deepika, it was Neetu's turn to give up. She even requested a doctor's help as her legs were swollen. Akul offered some terms to Srujan to finish the task. They came to an understanding. Akul left the task and soon Srujan too came down. This left Shwetha on the pole and she was declared as the winner of the task. Bigg Boss congratulated her and declared her the captain of the house. Her captaincy would continue till the next week, if she escapes elimination.

Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 75 Highlights

Award ceremony

Bigg Boss asked the contestant to hold an award ceremony. The contestant were given a questionnaire. Based on the questionnaire and the answers provided by the participants, the winner list was prepared. Akul and Srujan were given the responsibility to host the award show.

Fun filled award show conducted

Akul and Srujan hosted a wonderful award show. They poked fun at almost all the participants. Various awards in funny categories were given. Guruprasad garnered the highest number of awards. Guruprasada and Shwetha also put up a comic dance performance for the audience.

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