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Avantika Shetty Has Gone Public With Her Sexual Harassment Allegations

By: Lalithram B R
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Before you let your thoughts race, this is just an allegation that actress Avantika Shetty has made against film producer K. A. Suresh. With this development, Kannada film Raju Kannada Medium is in news again.

The producer of the movie, K. A. Suresh, had previously alleged that Avantika Shetty is a non-disciplinarian. He had said, "Avantika Shetty doesn't come to the set on time. All she does is skip the movie and roam around with her boyfriend."

Avantika Shetty now seems to have given a befitting reply to the producer by accusing him of sexual harassment. She has explicitly stated on her Facebook and Twitter handles that she is being troubled by the producer and his crew.

What is this fiasco? Read more to find out in detail..

avantika shetty sexual harassment

The Accusations Are All False!

"The producer of Raju Kannada Medium has falsely accused me of being a non-disciplinarian. It is a lie. In fact, I will tell you the dark reality that I hid inside myself for this long. I was sexually harassed by him" quipped Avantika Shetty.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Costume Designer Molested Me!

Further explaining, Avantika has said, "On the shooting set, light boys and costume designer have sexually harassed me. Whilst fixing the mic and checking the costume, they have touched me at inappropriate places. They then mock me behind my back."

avantika shetty sexual harassment

The Adjustment Factor

"With me, the producer has behaved very vulgarly. The producer said that I had to be close to everybody and adjust with everyone in this field if I wanted to survive. He indirectly asked me to come to the room" said Avantika, helplessly.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Film is 99% Complete

"I was busy with another film. In order to not have issues with dates, I have filmed day in and day out. I have worked hard with dedication. I have finished 99% of my schedule in Raju Kannada Medium. There might have been a scene or two that I did not shoot. I have not walked out of the film, it is they who sent me out" retorted Avantika.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Cannot Wear Small Dresses

"We had an agreement before this film started that I would not be wearing any dresses that I feel uncomfortable in. But, I was given small, one piece dresses. I was forced to wear and perform even if I resented" responded Avantika.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Invalid Cheque From Producer

"My remuneration for Raju Kannada Medium is still due. When asked about that, the producer does not reply. The cheque that he had initially given bounced. They had been issued a notice by court regarding the same" mentioned Avantika.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Had Approached Film Chamber

"I had approached the Kannada Film Chamber regarding the remuneration and the harassment issue on April 12, 2017. I had written a complaint via post to which I have not received a reply yet" quoted Avantika.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Producer's Latest Comment

The producer has said that this new accusations on him are all false. He said that Avantika is doing this to claim revenge on him as he had initially alleged that she was a non-disciplinarian.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

Director's Take On The Situation

"The fall out between the producer and the actress is true. It was related to her remuneration and about the facilities that were being provided to her. This is all I know. I tried to clear things between them but to no avail" said the director of Raju Kannada Medium, Naresh Kumar.

avantika shetty sexual harassment

KFCC Intervenes

The President of Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce(KFCC), Sa. Ra. Govindu has issued a statement saying, "I did not know of this issue until now. I have not received any complaint from Avantika Shetty. We will call both the parties and try to make a compromise."

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