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      Lift Kodla - Review

      By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

      After the movies like Mata and Eddelu Manjunatha, Navarasa nayaka Jaggesh has come out with another message-oriented film Lift Kodla. The cinematographer-turned-director Ashok Kashap (Ashok Cashyap) has attempted to say that suicide is not the only solution to the problems, but there are several ways to live in. The people those who thought that the movie is a comedy entertainer might be dissapointed by the fact that the movie is a serious film. It can be defined that 40% of the film is comedy and 60 % revolves around serious problems of the society.


      The movie is a tale of 11 people, who want to commit suicide because of their personal tragedy. Through newspaper ad they contact Krishna (Jaggesh) and consults him for suggestion to commit suicide. Krishna makes insurance on their names and plans to take them to Kodachadri to commit suicide. But a journalist, who comes to know about this plan, tries to stop this cowardly act and threatens Krishna that he is going to expose this plan. He dies in a road accident but he records his message in a mobile for the police to act against their plan. Meanwhile, there journey starts headed by Krishna to Kodachadri in a bus and story starts to unfold the 11 members background. It includes a bankrupt producer Ring Road Gowda (Komal Kumar), a chit fund owner, an SSLC failed student, a woman harassed for dowry, aged people, dejected lovers etc. However, government and police wake up to stop them. Who is Krishna? Why he helps them to commit suicide? Do they succeed in their mission? All these interesting facts should be seen on-screen.


      The movie has a good story line with a strong message for weak-hearted people, who want to surrender their lives to death. The performances of Jaggesh and Komal are remarkable. Even though Archana Gupta has a limited role, she has done a good job. Raju Thalikote and Sadhu Kokila steal the show with their lively comedy. Other supporting roles played by Rekha V Kumar, Sangamesh Upase, Sadashiva Brahamvar, Jeevan, Sudarshan, Shashi Kumar have also done justice to their role. In fact, Katta Subramanya Naidu has done a guest appearance in the film as a home minister.


      The films lacks punch dialogues and the movie is quite boring in the later part of the first half. The director would have handled the climax in a better way. V.Manohar's music is not up to the mark. Only one song is worth a praise. Editing and cinematography are below average.

      Verdict: The movie is a mirror to reality. Don't miss the movie.

      Cast: Jaggesh, Archana Gupta, Komalkumar, Raju Thalikote, Sadhu Kokila, Shashi Kumar, Rekha V Kumar, Sangamesh Upase, Sadashiva Brahamvar, Jeevan, Sudarshan and others.

      Direction: Ashok Cashyap

      Music: V Manohar

      Production: CMR Shanker Reddy

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