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Veera Parampare - Movie Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Producer S Narayan has released his latest film Veera Parampare, which has his story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, direction and music. The movie has all the mass entertainer values. He could have done it more effective by cutting down the length. Anyway, Ambi and Sudeep rocks the screen!

Veera Parampare is a good family entertainer. The highlights of the film are sentimental sequences between Sudeep and Ambareesh, comedy scenes between Sharan and Sudeep, S Narayan's music, punch dialogues, Sudeep's action scenes. Editing work is the main drawback of the film.

The film is all about the family tradition of Varade Gowda and his effort to save it. S Narayan has penned wonderful story for it and he has highlighted how the life of farmers is ruined in the name of industrialization. He even condemns the present political situation of occupying the farmers' land to build factories, roads and airport.

The director has nicely blended this burning issue with mass elements in Veera Parampare. But the story is predictable in a few sequences and the slow paced narration makes it a boring watch. The very beginning of the film appears to be very dramatic and dragging at least for 15 minutes.

Moreover, the director has love and comedy and sudden switching over to love-comedy-seriousness is quite irritating. The story turns serious at the end of first half. The second half has a few sentimental scenes, but narration turns slow again and tests the patience of the audience.

Varade Gowda is a village leader. Since his grand father's age, his family has considered land as a god and safeguarded the interest of farmers. Byregowda wants to occupy the land of farmers by killing Varade Gowda. But Teja (Sudeep), whose father dies while protecting varade Gowda, takes the responsibility of protecting him. What kind of trouble Teja faces in order to protect Varade Gowda and his family tradition forms the story of the film.

Sudeep rocks as angry young man. His performance in action as well as sentimental sequences impresses the audience. As Varade Gowda, Ambareesh has delivered brilliant performance, but he lacks energy in a few sequences, especially in the very first scene. Aindrita Ray does not have much scope in the film and director could have saved the movie by chopping few of her sequences. Sharan's comedy is good. Vijaylakshmi Singh, Kote Prabhakar, Shobhraj have also done justice to their respective roles.

S Narayan's music is good. Songs like 'Tangali Teli...', Ayyayyo Ayyayyo Ishtane...' and Nanna Mannidu are wonderful and haunt the mind of listeners. Instrumental music of the song Tangali Teli, which is used in a couple sequences as background, touches the heart of the audiences. R Giri's cinematography, S Narayan's dialogues, costumes and choreography are also commendable.

Overall, Veera Parampare has a wonderful story and director could have done it more interesting by chopping the unnecessary scenes. It is good entertainer, which the members of a family can sit together and watch it.

Producer: S Narayan

Director: S Narayan

Cast: Sudeep, Ambareesh, Aindrita Ray, Sharan, Vijaylakshmi Singh, Kote Prabhakar, Shobhraj and others

Music: S Narayan

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