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Gharshane - Movie Review

By: Sandesh MS
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It's a known fact that action is the main theme of Malashri's movies. In the same way, Gharshane can also be included as another action thriller starring Action Queen Malashri.

Malashri, who was not successful with Veera and Election in 2013, has kick started 2014 with another action thriller Gharshane. Malashri, who was once called as the Dream girl, has now become Action Queen in Sandalwood. As every other movies of Malashri, action is the main highlight of Gharshane with mere importance to the story.

'Action' is the one-line story of Gharshane. The daredevil stunts, high-octane action scenes are the whole and soul of the movie, in which Malashri is seen as a tough cop. Malashri has donned Khaki and plays the role of Central Crime Branch (CCB) Officer. In Gharshane, Malashri will be seen in an undercover operation. She unearths the scandals that involves voyeurs of live sex.

The plot deals with the story of CCB Officer Netravathi (Malashri), who will be in the mission of searching her younger sister Anjali (Roopika). Anjali is the victim of live sex scandal, which will be the biggest challenge for government. Nethravathi finds out the involvement of senior Police officers in scandal, and in the due course, she will have many clashes (Gharshane) with her own department.

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Slow Pace In The Second Half

Audience will not be bored in the first half, since it is filled with suspense and action scenes. Though the second half goes in slow pace, the director Dayal Padmanab has taken control over the story in climax.


Though Shyam Prasad has failed in penning the punching dialogues, which will suit Malashri's movies, he has done a decent job for the script.


Malashri has again become successful as the tough cop. She has also proved none of the actress in Kannada can do action roles like her.


Apart from action scenes, SR Abhishek's background score is the main highlight of the movie. The background score is properly mixed with the story pace.

Remix Song

Manikanth Kadri is only successful with the remix track 'Olage seridare gundu' from Malashri's debut movie Nanjundi Kalyana. This song is our pick.


Stunts and actions are the feast in the movie. Stunt choreographer Ravi Verma, who has become most wanted stunt director in Bollywood, has again showed his talent in the movie.

Supporting Roles

Though there are lot of multi-talented actors in supporting roles, Ashish Vidyarthi is the limelight of the movie. Roopika, Kashi, Gururaj Hoskote, Suchendra Prasad and Pavithra Lokesh are also seen in the movie.


Gharshane will not disappoint the people who loves suspense and actions. Slow pace in the second half is the only drawback. As a whole, the movie is one time watch.

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