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Shivajinagara - Movie Review: Treat For Vijay Fans

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There are few areas in Bangalore, which are famous for its culture, traditions and lifestyles. The Sandalwood movie makers, who are very keen on doing the films on rowdyism (underworld) are likely to name their movies after few Garden City Bangalore's areas, which are high in the crime rates.

After naming the Kannada movie as Majestic and Kalasipalya, there is another Bangalore's area left, which is a cultural, traditional and multi-religious hub. Yes, it is none other than Shivajinagara, which was much-hyped in its making stage for the high octane actions and daredevil stunts. Black Cobra Duniya Vijay's much anticipated movie has got a grand opening all over the state. What more can audience expect, when the movie is titled as Shivajinagara with Duniya Vijay in the lead role, directed by PN Satya and produced by Ramu. It is nothing, but action, action and action.

The movie is set in the backdrop of heart of Bangalore city Shivajinagara, and deals with the story of the day to day life of a common man in that area. Shivajinagara opens with the typical style of director PN Satya's mass film. The plot is all about the difficulties faced by common people of the area from Fayaz (Ashish Vidyarthi). Continue reading the story on slide show...

Ramu And Fayaz Lock Horns

Ramu (Duniya Vijay) plays the protagonist and lock horns with the Fayaz for the sake of Shivajinagara people.

Shivajinagara Presentation

Though the murder of Fayaz by Ramu in the initial stage creates lots of confusions in the audience mind, the different presentation of the movie keeps us engaged.

Crux Of The Story

Why will Ramu kill Fayaz? What is the background of Ramu? What created the rift between Ramu and Fayaz? Watch the movie on silver screen to get answers.

Mixture Of All Ingredients

Like every other Duniya Vijay's movie, Shivajinagara is the mixture of all the necessary ingredients, which makes it mass, masala and family entertainer.

Ever Made Action Scenes

The high octane action scenes and dare-devil stunts are the main highlight of Shivajinagara, which is composed by ace stunt masters Mass Madha, Kedi Venktesh and Chennai Ganesh.

Punch Dialogues

Here is the main punch dialogues of Shivajinagara 'Ee Shivajinagaradali badhakakke dhammu irabeku (one should be dare enough to live in Shivajinagara).' Apart from this, there are lot of high voltage dialogues.

Item Dance

Seems like director PN Satya has made it mandatory to have an item song in his movie. The director has added masala for Shivajinagara with item song 'Mandya benne kano tumba strongu kano' with hottie Zabyn Khan.

Mixture Of Kannada And Urdu

As the movie is set in the backdrop of Shivajinagara, PN Satya has penned the dialogues by mixing Kannada and Urdu.

Technical Richness

As Shivajinagara is produced by Ramu, technical richness and uniqueness is seen in all the parts of the film.

Duniya Vijay

Duniya Vijay has never disappointed his fans. Shivajinagara can be called as the biggest feast for Viji's fans. He looks electrifying in his performance.

Parul Yadav

Though there is a mere importance given to the script for Ramu's love interest Parvathy (Parul Yadav), the actress is impressive as a traditional Brahmin girl.

Supporting Roles

Shivajinagara is filled with multi-talented actors in the supporting roles. Avinash's role as Vijay's father is really impressive. The movie is also the comeback for ace actress Triveni on Kannada screen. Her role as a co-wife with versatile actress Sumithra is impressive.

Antagonist Roles

Beside concentrating on supporting roles, PN Satya has also given equal importance to antagonist roles. Ashish Vidhyarthi, Adhithya Menon and Daniel Balaji are not just featured as villains, but they have been showed as the demons of Shivajinagara.


Songs can be considered as the biggest drawback in the movie. But background score composed by Jessie Gift are thrilling.

Director PN Satya

Seems like director PN Satya has mainly targeted on Duniya Vijay's fans. After Duniya Soori, Satya has successfully made use of Viji's talent in actions and stunts.


After Majestic and Kalasipalya, Shivajinagara is another movie with rowdyism subject. Shivajinagara, the area of masses in Bangalore city, is shown in a terrific way. It is a must watch for Duniya Vijay's fans and action movie lovers.

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